Let’s GEt a Jump Start on Christmas Cards! Stashbuster!!!

Hi Friends! Let’s use up out stash and make Christmas cards! It feels good to use up what we have rather than buying new. Today I am going to share a way to revamp your old pattern paper and use up washi tape and give you some ideas for duct tape too! If you don’t have washi and duct tape simply cut pattered paper into strips and adhere them with glue. It will be just as cute!

The duct tape and backing paper I am using is from Oriental Trading Company and the pen and adhesive are from Tombow. Do you want more quick and simple Christmas card ideas? Let me know in the comments and if there is interest I will make more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

22 thoughts on “Let’s GEt a Jump Start on Christmas Cards! Stashbuster!!!

  1. At thing you used to make the holes with the scor pal. What is that and where do I get it? Also, you said you got that washi tape at the dollar store, would that be dollar tree or dollar general??. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Such a cute idea, Lindsay! Thanks!! While I love your quick & easy ideas (more, please!), I have been wanting to learn to watercolor or acrylic paint a pointsettia for a card…..maybe a tutorial on that would be possible soon? Thanks for all inspiration!


  3. More Christmas cards? Yes,please. You are wonderful teacher, Lindsay. Thanks to you, I dug out old art supplies that hadn’t seen light for decades. I am almost done with my first pack of 100 watercolor cards. I’m trying all your techniques and having a blast. I’m in my 60’s. Never too old to learn. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent. Using a limited palette of colors has been good idea. I’m having fun mixing my own colors and learning about color at same time. Used your Indian corn tutorial to make my Thanksgiving cards this year. So much fun!


  4. YES….I would love ideas to use up my Christmas stash of papers & embellishments…I buy all my stuff after the holidays & end up with way more than I use the following year…thanks for sharing your talents!


  5. Would LOVE to see some more watercolor Christmas cards…Maybe a cardinal or some snow scenes…? Always takes me a couple of tries since I’m new to this and I need plenty of time!


  6. Thanks for this idea. I would love to see more. I make so many cards for the holidays There can never be too much inspiration.


  7. Thanks, Lindsay…your touches made this simple card really special. I have a request. Could you put a photo of your projects on your site? I’d like to zoom in on the details and have a static copy to refer to for inspiration.


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