My Husband’s Halloween Costume!

Hi Friends! My hubby is really a good sport. Not only did he agree on a couples Halloween costume but he let me film the make up and accessories tutorial too! I think he makes a very handsome Frankeinstein’s Monster!

That make up was done with the same kit I used for my Bride of Frankenstein costume with the addition on a tube of green creme makeup, it is easier to use than the greasepaint when you have to cover the whole face. One YouTube viewer suggested powdering the makeup to make it longer lasting but I did his makeup at 6pm and it was still on when we got home at 1am without powder. It is not a bad idea though. I hope you enjoyed out silliness and til next time happy crafting!

11 Responses

  1. wow. i love your costumes and the make is perfect. Now the cuffs I def can recreate. Thanks for the info.


  2. Fantastic Franky ☺️ I’ve been watching your watercolor tutorials and want to start painting. Would you do a segment on items to recycle for your painters box? And is it cheating if you use a circular item to draw your circles, or should it be free hand.
    Your teaching is calming, and enjoyable. Thank you!


  3. Always great video!


  4. loved it and so happy he let you! more complete comment on the youtube vid post 🙂 please thank him for us for doing this!!


  5. your husband is the most handsome Frankenstein I have ever seen!! I love all your tutorials and want to thank you for ALL of them!!! Rock on!! I’m sure you two were the “hit” of the party!!


  6. What fun – glad to meet your hubby. So happy you guys had a good time. Great tutorial – thank you.


  7. Hi Lindsay and husband 🙂
    Your costumes were fantastic! Thank you for sharing.


  8. Great job and so good to see your handsome other half!


  9. Lindsay, your husband is such a good sport! Costume make-up is so much better and more comfortable than a mask. Thank you for showing us so fun and easy ways to enjoy the party.


  10. Ghoulish….and so fun Lindsay! Kudos to your hubby for doing the makeup session!!! What a perfect pair you two make!!!!


  11. Great costume. Your husband is a great sport to let you do this video for us. I am glad you have a good time. It is also nice to see your other half.


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