AAK! Late Ask a Crafter!

Howdy friends! Sorry about not posting this last night! I got distracted with my son’s birthday. Can you believe my baby boy is 12? That’s almost a teenager! And I did bake a cake and it turned out pretty well too I might add. Keep that in mind while you watch this weeks Ask a Crafter:

Thanks to my friends Lorraine and Kathy for putting up with me another week and thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting!


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  1. happy birthday to your son! my grandson is 12 as well! boy i feel old, lol! have to say, this aac had me in stitches, esp Kathy’s reaction to yours and Lorraine’s ‘cooking’ challenges, LOL šŸ˜€ you girls crack me up! thanks for the laughs šŸ˜€

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  2. Thank you ladies. I always get great tips from your videos. I am having the same problem with my Tim Holtz scissors. I just clean the sticky off with goo gone but the Teflon is flaking off. I have only had to clean them once though. The Teflon was flaking off before I cleaned them. I have some advice for the 68 year old lady that just started making cards. Beware!!! I am 68 and have only been playing with paper crafts for about 2 years. I now need another house, not room, house, to store all my paper craft supplies!

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    • **Chuckle** I am 71 and live in a 300 sq ft motorhome… talk about needing room! I am looking for the links to all the places Lindsay mentioned in the AAC video. Gotta get more free stuff! These videos “Make my Day!”


  3. Where do u go to ask u a question?


  4. Hi, I think the lady is 68 is perfect for making cards. I have been crafting all my life (gd. 1 teacher), am now 72 and have become motivated all over again through your videos and ask a crafter. Thanks so much.


  5. Hi Crafty ladies! šŸ™‚
    Thank you for another great Ask a Crafter video. I enjoy watching you ladies. Thank you for sharing so much crafting info.
    Lindsay, Happy Birthday to your son.
    You ladies are super!!


  6. Another fun filled and helpful video. I’ve been using clear acrylic medium for my pages, I haven’t found it to be sticky after drying.
    Would a silent timer help you with your videos, so you aren’t constantly checking you camera and can spend more time with your questions.
    Love you all.

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  7. I really enjoy ‘ask a crafter’. I had a couple of questions….. but I’ve forgotten them again!! Your tutorials and and answers have been so helpful.. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!


  8. so much wonderful information that even in Australia, I can make use of. Thank you to you lovely funny ladies!


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