Duct Tape + Juice Pouches = Cheap Crafty Fun!

Hi Friends! I love recycling…or upcycling stuff because it is fun to make something useful out of things you normally throw away. I wanted to make a sturdy pencil pouch to go in my binder and I did so using 4 juice pouches, Duct Tape and a zipper. Watch the video to see how!

I used fun patterned duct tape from Oriental Trading Company in this project. They have Duct brand as well as their own brand of duct tape. Both are very good quality, the only difference I see is that the Oriental Trading Company brand is a tad bit less sticky but it has held up fine in any of my projects. The OTC brand is a bit less expensive and has 20 yards in a roll in most cases where as the duct tape brand is 10-15 yards usually. Since they carry both you get a fantastic selection at $4-$5 a roll and the skinny stuff is even cheaper. All of that info is in the product listing if you are unsure. I hope you try this, or some other recycling craft. I decided to put my pouch in the kids plastic canvas project binder to hold the scissors and yarn needles that are constantly slipping out of the binder pockets. What did I tell you, useful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 Responses

  1. Very cute recycled craft! On another note..as a hygienist, I’d like to thank you for limiting the amount of sugar your children get. I instruct parents as well as children daily about this.


  2. awesome, but the OCD in me wants to know how do you clean out the pouches before you create with them?


  3. I think this is one of the best mother/daughter projects I have seen in a long time. Good Show ladies! Can we have another demo soon? Please. Something simple though – Sticky tape and scissors do not play very nicely with me. I’m still learning to corral those stinky stickers – LOL! Paula


  4. Okay, now what to do with coffee bags? I solved the K-cup problem by buying an Eko-brew, and now still have the regular coffee bags…


  5. Love it! Can’t wait to try making one!!


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