One cute costume! How to make a horse!

Hi friends! Here is a fun way to make a costume for a cowboy, cowgirl, knight, Ichabod Crane, jockey, the Lone Ranger or any other character that rides a horse! Best of all it is fun to wear and inexpensive to make!


I’d love to tell you that this costume was cheap quick and awesome BUT I would be lying…this costume is cheap and awesome, prepare to spend some time on it though! Watch the video to see how it is done:

To speed up the process you could just spray paint the horse rather than decoupaging it. It will be a bit less sturdy but it will save 2 hours of hands on time plus drying time if you are in a rush. As I mentioned in the video I challenged my friend Emi from the Hectanooga1 YouTube channel to come up with a cheap costume too, you can see her pirate costume tutorial here.


Knowing what I know now (buy a can of spray paint) I could probably make this costume in 3 hours. I don’t even want to guess how long I spent on this but I think I was able to watch 5 episodes of Gossip Girl, listen to some podcasts and caught up on Once Upon a Time…yeah, a long time.


But it was fun, I love projects like this and figuring out how to make my kids vision come to life. Plus I did not spend a dime on it. Nice huh? So, what do you think? I still have 2 more kids costumes to go so with any luck I’ll be able to share those here too, good thing I started early this year! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. You are such a great mom!!! I never did more than cut eye holes in old sheets. That is it! This horse is the best!


  2. Good for you! Great costume Lindsay and your daughter is a doll!!!!! Looks so much like you!


  3. I was watching this video when my godchilds came over to visit. They saw the horse and wanted to watch the video with me. Now all 3 kids want a horse now! LOL


  4. That is very clever,and you daughter is the spitting image of you,well done I just love your ideas and everything you do! Watch you everyday!!


  5. Oh, you are right! Very cute! P.S. Sugar braiiiiiiins, all over my kitchen.


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