Got Glue? Got Glitter? Let’s Make Earrings!

Hi Folks! I have a super cheap and easy project for you tonight that will make you sparkle! Watch the video to learn how to make glitter glue earrings:

You will need:

Glitter in varying degrees of chunkiness

White glue or mod podge

2 ear-wires and jump rings

wax paper


*optional-glitter glue for even more sparkle!


Directions (make 2)

  1. Squeeze glue on a piece of wax paper, mix in glitter. Let dry.
  2. Cut glitter film into a circle and punch a small hole in the edge.
  3. Attach to a jump ring and ear-wire.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Got Glue? Got Glitter? Let’s Make Earrings!

  1. WOW! What a neat idea, and just in time to ship it off to Texas! I’m off today to buy some glitter. Then make some for my grandchildren and ship them off in the mail with their All Hollows Eve cards. Thought I would make two pair – one black glitter and one silver glitter.

    Question: Did I see a curved glittered disc earring? I thought I would put them together, let them dry a wee bit and then put them over something curved – unless you have a better idea. Maybe I’ll just experiment and see what happens. Lindsay, you and your family Be Blessed. Great easy craft and as usual a good video. Good Grief you are one talented lady!!!!! 🙂 Paula


  2. Hi my love Lindsay, I need to try this and experiment with different shapes, not just circles. Thanks for the inspiration! Love ya’


  3. Your recipe for mixing dollar store hairspray and dollar store mica eyeshadow worked so well in June that I went to the dollar store today and got more. But I can’t remember your trick for opening the bottle of the eye shadow…help?


    1. poke a paper piecer through the small opening in the top of the bottle and push out the bottom. Do this over a container to catch the powder


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Fabulous idea and soooo easy to make. Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Take care.


  5. I luv earrings. I only wear earrings, no other jewelries. I luv this. So simple, so quick, and looks pretty nice 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial 🙂


  6. I finally got around to making these. I made about six of them different colors. I can’t wait for the glue to dry! This is the very first video I saw of yours and how I got introduced to you. Thanks for all the inspiration!


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