Duct Tape & Dolls!

Hello friends! I have been super obsessed with duct tape this week, mainly the pretty colored stuff you can make crafts with. I got some from Papermart a few weeks ago and I have been pondering what to make with it. Well, with Halloween right around the corner I decided to make a costume for an 18″ doll or stuffed animal:


I know I have a lot of American Girl doll fans here, but I love that you can customize it to fit whatever doll or toy you have. I am using colored duct tape from Papermart because you get more in a roll of solid color than the patterned kind. The colored duct tape is $1.36 for a 10 yard roll! No need to be stingy with that tape! Also I noticed that Papermart just added washi tape to their website. They have 38 styles of adorable patterned washi tape for $1.34 a 10 yard roll and multi packs of solid color washi tapes for less than $6 a package of 5-10 5-yard rolls! I can’t wait to get my hands on those! If this is your first time working with duct tape I recommend you watch the video all the way through before beginning.

Tips for working with duct tape:

  1. Have wax paper handy to place scraps on, you might need them later!
  2. Use an x-acto knife and self-healing mat for cutting. The matte grey Fiskars mat I used was ideal because it was not shiny so the tape did not stick to it too badly. I tried another cutting mat and the tape stuck so bad I ruined some trying to remove it. Also have a couple extra blades handy because they will get sticky.
  3. Relax and go slow, there is no rush. Crafting is fun so why rush it?
  4. Involve your kids! My girls took to this craft like a duck to water…or a duck to duct tape?

The ONLY downside to letting your kids help with this craft is that they will have so much fun they will use up your entire stash of tape in no time flat, good thing it is only $1.36 a roll at Papermart!…better get extra! I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and til next time happy crafting!


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6 Responses

  1. We have only just started getting coloured duck tape in the UK, it’s £3 a roll about six dollars, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the coloured or patterned it’s all that price. So it gets a bit expensive, do you know does paperless send internationally, it would be worth the postage lol huggles xxxAnnxxx


    • Hi Ann, they have a freight forwarding service. If you want I can give your email to a rep who can help you set that up. To answer your other question about the doll the tag says HK City Toys and I think it was about $20-$25 at WalMart in the states. I agree, a very pretty doll.


  2. Oops meant to say love the doll. I would love one like that to give my friend who has just had a little girl, anyone in Uk know where I can get a nice pretty one like this, she doesn’t have to have nice clothes as I will make some anyway. Keep on crafting frugal missy lol huggles xxxAnnxxx


  3. Your ideas are always great!


  4. The handyman or handywoman’s best tool is duct tape!


  5. You never cease to amaze me Lindsay, always coming up with these neat ideas!


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