Ask a Crafter S3:E2

Another week and more craft conundrums clarified! Lorraine and Kathy are back in the studio with me this week trying to make a dent in the big jar-o-questions. Wish us luck!

If you want more Ask a Crafter videos but can’t wait til next week check out the AAC Playlist. Leave craft questions below! Thanks so much for watching as as always happy crafting!


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  1. thanks for your nice comment in your response to me regarding problems with yt/g+…i couldnt answer back on the post, because it said ‘null’ not found? and i couldnt figure out how to pm you….i am checked to get all your updates & postings, etc. dont know what happened…waiting for Derral to help me! 🙂 thanks my fav ytuber and crafter 🙂


  2. I think that the personal comments you guys are pulling for questions should not be in your jar. We are all glad to see you all together and have questions answered. We are not learning from these. I think your jar questions should be just that, questions we can all learn from. Just my opinion.


  3. Your YouTube video on making a permanent gelli plate was very informative and intriguing. Couple of questions, tho…how should these be stored? Should they be refrigerated, or wrapped up in some manner? How long will they last? What is the optimal temperature for storage?


  4. As always, an enjoyable video…I always am reminded of a technique or learn something new, so thank you for taking the time to educate!


  5. Welcome back ladies. Sad, but this seemed way too short with all those questions in that huge jar to go, darn. Love your shirts, really looks cute.

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  6. good job Linds…i think you were doing most of what he suggested and were doing well before this (unless he gave you some tips you already implemented!) i want so much for you to make $$ but i hope you dont change how you do your vids (unless you do more of em, lol!). i know and understand you have to do what is best for you and your family and i am excited for you with the new book coming (although i am in no position to purchase anything right now)
    I was not trying to be negative during the show, just i felt that Derral was, i dont know, making you seem less than…what you were doing, how you were doing, something, idk…i just felt like protecting you! i was trying to have your back! didnt mean to offend you or him if i did. i just thought you have done such a wonderful job thus far and i appreciate all you do for your ‘fans’.
    i will continue to do the little bit i do to promote you. i do try, i know i have had a lot of people follow my ‘thefrugalcrafter’ board and once i have my blog really up and running, some day, lol (its up but i do nothing with it) i will be happy to promote it there and will continue to praise you to everyone i meet, or talk to (had a few from fb start to follow you as well, but i am not posting there right now.
    i do so wish you so much luck and i will pray and ask for some insight that might help you get more ‘discovered’ … one day, would love to see you on tv (well i dont have tv/cable, lol) like the queen of crafts, Ms. Carol Duvall ❤ … dont know if you would like that or not, but i wish you the best only and always.
    your fan/friend, cindy
    (ps…in my opinion…please dont do the music instead of your talking with us (even though you cant hear us, we do talk back, lol …i know you have been doing some voice overs, but please dont make all of them like that (doesnt that take more time and effort? curious) anyway dont change to much, xoxo


  7. Hi Lindsay,
    Just watched the “Hot Seat” video w/ D. Eves. Great job staying- cool and collected 😉 LOL Congratulations! I was wondering when is your E-Book for watercolors coming out ? Love your videos, keep the good work… Very inspiring !
    Lisa from Calif


  8. Hi Ladies,
    You always put a smile on my face when I watch Ask A Crafter, so thank you. I know that you already have an entire brandy sniffer (giant sized) full of questions and I want to add another one to it! I saw some embellishments of leaves made out of a wide double sided tape called Sookwang tape and I was wondering if you could tell me how to make these leaves or anything for that matter, with Sookwang tape? Second question would be frugal, is there anything else that is cheaper than Sookwang tape that I could use in it’s place.
    Cheers to large cups of coffee fellow crafters!


  9. Love the Ask a Crafter videos! I always learn alot and look forward to these segments. However, I do have a request: since you now limit the length of these videos, is it possible you could limit them to questions and leave out the comments? It is “Ask a Crafter” after all. It has been really disappointing to me all the time that is wasted with the well wishing comments. While I’m sure it is helpful to you to read such posts, I have to doubt that it is helpful to any one else.


  10. I’ve gotten so much information from the Ask a Crafter videos! Here’s a few more questions…I just got a gelli plate (8×10) and have been trying to play with it. I used a brayer to spread acrylic paint on the plate, but my brayer didn’t seem to want to roll very well. Is it something I am doing incorrectly? Or is it the brayer? Which brayers are best? If I do have one that doesn’t want to roll, is there a quick fix for it? Is the roll affected by the amount of paint on the brayer? Also, any tips on size of gelli plate and size of brayer for which sizes of paper would be appreciated. In addition, I noticed that ithe gelli printing process seemed to work much better on standard copy paper instead of my Strathmore 400 Mixed Media paper. What paper do you recommend for gelli prints, and which ones should we stay away from? Standard copy paper is not something I would want to do a work of art on. Also, the gelli plate seems to use up an awful lot of paint. Is there a way to be more frugal in that regard? Do any other paints besides acrylic work well with the plate? Which acrylics work best? (I would love to see an in-depth video on all of this and anything related.)
    Thanks much!


  11. Hi Lindsey, I watch all your videos and have to say You have inspired me to do so much. I am trying to find all your videos on stamps And items related. I’ve looked all Over your site to find past videos. Can you help me? I’m not much of a Computer geek so bare with me. I have been looking for the home made Straws you did. Can’t find it. Where do I look on your blob to find what I’m Looking for. I hope you can help me. Many thanks for all your hard work in Getting all those videos to share. A reply would be appreciated. Thanks again Virginia/from Sunny Calif.

    Sent from my iPad



  12. “This video private”…………huh? Please explain.


    • try it now, I had linked the video as a playlist and uploaded others today and it confused the player. It is now working, sorry about that:) When in doubt you can always watch them on my youtube channel:)


  13. Love your shirts!


  14. I have about a dozen bottles of Distress reinkers in different colors. I have ordered Cut and Dry felt in hopes I can make my own ink pads. Do you have any ideas on what can I use for the base and top of my homemade ink pads to keep them from drying out yet easy to use when I ink my stamps? You are the best! I love your videos. Hello to Kathy and Lorraine. p.s. I live in humid hot Florida; the temperature was in the 80s today.


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