I need a cupcake…..

Howdy friends! Well, if today isn’t a Monday I don’t know what is! I got the kids off to school and hubby off to work then I went to walk the dog and promptly locked myself out of the house. Every door was locked. I knew it as soon as I heard the click. I did not even have a cell phone with me.  I had to stack up lawn chars to climb in a window which luckily by some divine luck was not locked.I am inside now none the worse for wear, obviously or I would not be blogging. It is definitely the kind of day where I could use a cupcake.


I made this journal page the other day when I was feeling rather blah, I needed some fun, whimsical, bright color art therapy and this page fit the bill. Watch the video to see how it was made:

I used supplies from Oriental Trading Company on this Art journal Page. If you shop there please thank them for their support and don’t forget to tell them Lindsay The Frugal Crafter sent you!

Well, I better get back to work. The house is in desperate need of a deep clean and I have the grand idea to re arrange the living room. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. I love your art work and just wanted to thank you for your inspiration! Looks like you love green, blue, and purple too!!


  2. Do you live in a high crime area that all doors and windows need to be locked? I just wondered because I hate to go out back door, go around the house , up the hill, over the field, to met a guest at the front door to find it locked because I forgot to unlock it earlier instead of going up the chairlift. That is a great day also and quite embarrassing. I hope the rest of your day is better. I enjoy your art.

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    • Please tell me you’re just kidding! Chairlifts out the front door? I thought those were only here in Bavaria. Girl, I’d have to get my MoJo straightened out every morning if I lived on a hill in Southern Bavaria with a ski lift attached. My equilibrium is shot, and the muscles no longer play very nice. Painful just thinking about all that! 🙂


  3. Aren’t you just too artsyfhartsy. . :). . What fun.! I went looking for a ‘journal’ spiral book – the Bavarian clerk had no idea what I was talking about. Oh well. I’ll take a look somewhere over by Starnberger See (lake) – they have a watercolor shop there.

    Did you get your MoJo back in order?? I hit writer’s block sometimes. I just go read the news online and then pop open one of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s short stories on my Kindle. That always kicks my MoJo into flying properly. LOL. . . Some days all it takes is a very stern “Straighten up and FLY RIGHT MoJo!” and we’re back in business!

    Different strokes for different folks – interesting isn’t it?


  4. Oh you poor old Cupcake, you!! Lol! I’ve only managed to pull off that stunt once, and I managed it in spectacular fashion, contriving to lock the car keys in the house, and the house keys in the car. Don’t ask me how – it would take an hour to explain it lol! My phone was in my handbag, which, of course, was in the car. My afternoon out was wrecked and it took me about 3 hours to track down my hubby who then came to rescue me!

    I love your journal page. On such a Muffin day, you definitely need to treat yourself with a cupcake. Hope your week manages to pick up!



  5. Smashing page. I love the sentiment. You are most definitely a cupcake, Lindsay. 🙂 Hugs


  6. Ok, so after laughing through reading the first part of your blog, i decided that my Monday was pretty good after all! Thanks for sharing the good and the bad…:)


  7. oh no….i used to lock myself out of the house and my car all the time, lol, well not lol at the time…now i dont go anywhere but have done it a few times earlier in the year and had to climb thru the window as well… not fun 😛 … i used to keep extra keys outside just in case and xtra car key in purse/wallet, and one hidden on the outside of the car…yeah used to do it that often 😀 glad you had an open window!!! (isnt it funny as soon as you lock your self out, ya just know it! weird)


  8. Have done that twice and also had to climb in an unlocked window. I wondered what a site that was and hopefully the angels above were all that viewed my large behind trying to fit thru that window. I now hide a key outside. Cup cakes sound good to me, Mmmm!


  9. Haven’t we all done that a time or two!!! Feel sooooo silly when it happens. Glad you were able to get back in – although you should not have been able to…pause for thought…a criminal could do the same! I rely on my trusty garage door key pad…although more afraid of not locking myself IN than locking myself OUT…LOL! Yummy cupcakes – TFS


  10. Yeah, Lindsay, I’ve been locked out of my house courtesy of my husband. We had caught a squirrel in the house and stepped out in the front yard to release it and my husband pulled thr front door close. The only way in was for me pushing our room A/C unit in so I could get through the window. I love your cupcake page. I hope you made some so you could have some consolation.


  11. Familiar story–mine had bread in the oven!!! The cupcake solution is perfect—other “solutions” as well if late in the day.


  12. They look so good now I want to eat some cupcakes! lol


  13. Hey Lindsay, great video as always. Is your music making a return for good??? :). I hope the blahness passed and I hope the week gets better, no more mishaps. You, my dear, are truly a cupcake. With the amount of joy you bring total strangers everyday, I can only imagine the joy you bring those close to you. To them, you aren’t a cupcake, you are a whole cake. Of that I am positive.


  14. Bummer to have locked yourself out. I do that from time-to-time. I now have a key hidden outside in a spot, my daughters tell me is the first place a burglar would look! Still haven’t figured out a place, where the key is safe but not hidden under a foot or more of snow.

    Love the cupcakes! They made me smile.

    Sincerely, Cheryl K. Johnson in Northern Idaho country!

    Sent from my iPad



  15. Hey Lindsey not sure why it is, but that “click” seems to reach all of our brains at the same time. When we realize it is LOCKEd! Lol I am so glad to be able to leave you a comment was having trouble getting it to work. Thank you so much for ALL of your videos! I miss your cheerful laugh at the beginning! I especially want to thank you for the “overwhelmed” and “ufo’s video! Keep up the great work. I read about someone reviving their gellies by putting the pens in a pan and water bath, steaming them for 10 minutes on the stove. Haven’t tried it yet but worth a try later! Take care! Aloha, Star


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