How to Make $$ With your Art by Teaching Classes!

Blog? what Blog? LOL! Hi friends! Man, it was so nice out yesterday I got completely distracted and forgot to post! I had errands to do and as a treat picked up Chinese takeout for lunch and decided to enjoy it on the beach. I was the only one on “my pond”, the leaves are just starting to turn and my dog got to have a nice swim too! It was nice to enjoy a bit of a break. Behind the scenes I have been super busy with lots of projects in the works. I love having work, it means that people appreciate what I do. I want to thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos because without that I would not be enjoying the opportunities I have. To hopefully pay you back I have been filming some art/craft marketing videos to help you make some money off your skills as artist and crafters. Hopefully it will help you avoid some pitfalls I had and help you earn a living from your passion. I think the most sustainable way to make a living from your artistic talents is to teach classes and I will tell you how in today’s video:

If you like these art marketing videos please “like” this post and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments section. Thanks again for your support and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Wow.. another fabulous and INFORMATIVE and exciting, and inspiring, and, well, AMAZING presentation! I loved your “How to get your art published” video. I’m just getting started with How to create a Spirit Doll workshops, so I pulled together a DYI book, self published it, and it’s now on both Amazon and Kindle! Already, I’ll have a ‘royalty’ check coming in!
    So… the info you’re sharing is perfect! Thank you so much!
    Sweetest of blessings to you!
    Chris Flynn


  2. I thought this was so informative, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge in this area.x


  3. Very helpful, thank you


  4. YOU ARE VERY KIND to offer us help in everything you do! you are truly a great teacher! good luck with the book you are doing, you know you will have many readers/buyers from all your fans!, and yes, regarding your ? on fb…. i know personally, however many vids you do, i watch them ALL!!! if you did 20 a day,lol 🙂 , they would get watched….you are that good/talented and inspiring! i even have bought with a gc i won for michaels last week some pastels, colored pencils, paper, & brushes (all for $20 2/tax and prob not great quality) and found some watercolor paints/kit i had bought many years ago….still havent felt good enough to do anything yet, but you have and continue to stir my creative spirit in my soul, and i truly thank you for that are a light in my life that keeps me going! 🙂 God bless you


  5. Oh, Lindsay! You are always so generous with your time. You continually pay us back by sharing your experience, expertise, and encouragement. You are truly making a difference every day! Heartfelt thanks! ♡


  6. Thank you so much for sharing all the information. Your are the best 🙂


  7. Hi Lindsay……really enjoy your teaching and advice and have been contemplating how to begin some classes. I do just about everything….not real well, but enough to show others how to do it. What to charge, where to have a class, and how many do you begin with? Do I supply the materials for everyone, or do they get their own? I too am uncomfortable having strangers come into my home. I will check out your other videos…..had a few interruptions so I will watch this one again. You probably have already answered my questions.

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  8. Hi Lindsay,

    Thanks as always, for the information. I’ve been looking for a way to use my crafting skills in my next career and your ideas are inspiring.

    I’ve wanted to start a blog as I receive many crafting blogs via email.

    Can you give some advice on how to start a blog that has custom pics and fonts?

    Again, your help is much appreciated!



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