How to Make $$ With your Art by Teaching Classes!

Blog? what Blog? LOL! Hi friends! Man, it was so nice out yesterday I got completely distracted and forgot to post! I had errands to do and as a treat picked up Chinese takeout for lunch and decided to enjoy it on the beach. I was the only one on “my pond”, the leaves are just starting to turn and my dog got to have a nice swim too! It was nice to enjoy a bit of a break. Behind the scenes I have been super busy with lots of projects in the works. I love having work, it means that people appreciate what I do. I want to thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos because without that I would not be enjoying the opportunities I have. To hopefully pay you back I have been filming some art/craft marketing videos to help you make some money off your skills as artist and crafters. Hopefully it will help you avoid some pitfalls I had and help you earn a living from your passion. I think the most sustainable way to make a living from your artistic talents is to teach classes and I will tell you how in today’s video:

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