Ask a Crafter! First episode of season 3!

Hi Friends! We had the first power outage of the season this morning. I hope this isn’t a sign that we are in for another rough year (thank goodness for the wood stove!) So I thought I’d get this post up early in case we have another one! Kathy, Lorraine and I started filming season 3 of Ask a Crafter yesterday. We had 250 question between the blog and YouTube! Woah! I decided I would print off the questions every week, cut them apart and put them in a big bowl and answer them as we go along…will we ever get caught up? We will surely try! Without further ado, here is the latest episode of Ask a Crafter!

FYI if you are watching this on YouTube and you see “comments are closed” it just means I have printed off all of the questions from that video so you will have to leave your question on the next one. I hope that will keep me from missing any left on older posts. Wish us luck! If you have a question for us you can leave a comment here or on you tube! I love how you help each other out in the comments too, thanks! If you want more Ask a Crafter videos check out the Ask a Crafter playlist with a full day of videos! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter! First episode of season 3!

  1. In reference to your comments about image transfer using Mod Podge: laser printed images will work far better than ink jet. There are several YouTube videos available for image transfer techniques using a variety of different mediums, and most specify using laser printed images.
    I would also like to add something to your advise about using resin. When resin cures it releases chemicals into the air that can be very unhealthy. Anyone using resin should follow basic health and safety precautions such as good ventilation in your workspace, and wear gloves and a basic particle filtering face mask. The same safety precautions should be followed any time you melt or heat any type of plastic. As crafters, I think we often assume the materials and mediums we work with are benign, but in fact some can be toxic.


  2. Do you know of any way to fix white pens? I have bought several brand and the best brand I think is unibal also sold by Stampin Up. But they seem to half way dry up quickly. Do you know of any way to fix them? I hate having to pay $4.00 for a pen everytime I need to use a white pen. I love making dots, snow, writing on dark paper. A lot of times they work but skip really bad.


  3. Hello ladies

    I don’t have a question….I just wanted to say how awesome it is to have you back. You have been missed.

    Jackie from VA


  4. Lindsay, Lorraine, and Kathy, so nice to see your smiling faces and hearing your laughter, and ideas/helps! you girls have been missed 🙂 shirts turned out great, Linds!


  5. Do you have any experience with Dick Blick color pencils? A set of 72 is less than $50 and with all the talk of the poor quality of Prismacolors now that they are being made in Mexico, was wondering if the Blick pencils would produce similar results. Thanks for all the useful info you pass along in Ask a Crafter.


  6. good to hear you all again… where would one find colored india ink? I may have asked this already…I forget if I actually type my questions or just think I do. LOL Ruth


  7. So happy to see you back. Love the sayings you place on your art journal pages. Recently used” Don’t believe everything you think” on a card. Where do find them all? Thanks for the “inkspiration.”


    1. Has anyone thought to use deli papers to make flowers? Fold papers to a small square, plain white or sprayed, punch or die cut. Makes many at a time & they turn out delicate and quite pretty. Bet everyone already figured that out.


  8. Hi Lindsey, Kathy and Lorraine. I love ask a crafter and all of your videos. I look forward to each one. This is my first time asking a question and it’s about watercolor. I’m having trouble doing a background wash like you did with the cosmos. I can’t get the paper wet enough to drop in the color. The water soaks right in, no puddling and my colors don’t flow and spread. My colors are nice and juicy. What am I doing wrong?


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