You say Ta-MAY-to I say Tam-Ah-to, let’s just paint some!

Hi Folks! Today I have a water media tutorial that will get the dust off of your watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons (or water-soluble oil pastels) and watercolor paints. I’ll also show you how I work through an error I made in drawing so it turns out all right in the end.  You can find the beautiful photo by Lilian Bell I used as a reference here. It is from a site called Paint my Photo and it is free to join too! The video is sped up and voiced over. the painting took one hour to complete so don’t feel like you have to rush. Remember, painting should be relaxing and enjoyable! Here is the tutorial:

I hope you try mixing your watermedia! It is fun to build up layers and you can correct mistakes more easily than with regular watercolor painting, plus, it is just plain fun ad that is reason enough to do it! I hope you have some time to be creative today. I will be at the ball field for a baseball double header so I will have my crochet bag with me. What are you making today? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



12 Responses

  1. I enjoy all your tutortials. You are great at what you do


  2. Great tutorial as usual, ignore any negative comments Lindsey, you bring so much joy to people’s lives, nobody is telling these commenter’s to watch your video, I love them !!!


  3. Such a great tutorial! Thanks for the mention of pmp. I dont know where you get your energy Lindsay, creating so much! I am from a land where we say Tom – ahh- toe!


  4. always enjoy your tutorial – even those I don’t do – so informative and entertaining. You’ve taught me so much about painting and drawing. Thanks –


  5. It was fun to watch everything come together so quickly, and I enjoyed your voice over. Beautiful picture. Loved it.


  6. This is gorgeous and I love your friendly, warm voice. You will always get some criticism when you do something important. I would never have tried watercolour painting if not for your entertaining, easy to follow tutorials. Thank you.


  7. Love your tutorials I have learned a lot .Enjoy learning what ever you throw at us.THANKS


  8. Another amazing tutorial…I love watching you paint and I learn so much….please keep blending…and painting…love……tfs


  9. That sure is a challenging one(at least for me), but I think it really turned out great. You are so skilled and I appreciate all your craft skills!


  10. I love the way you keep talking through out the tutorials. I feel like I have a painting buddy! Debbie


  11. Great tutorial! Can you set up your links to open in another window? I wanted to compare the picture to your painting and the link opened on this tab and stopped the video. Thank you
    I also like that you talk during the video’s you have a warm voice and it feels like you are talking to me rather than at me, if that make sense.


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