DIY Paper Sequins {without a fancy die!}

Hi friends! I was asked by a few folks if I could figure out how to make paper sequins without buying an expensive die. Well, I took that challenge! Watch the video to see how I did!

Well, what do you think, do they look like real sequins? Well, then you just saved $15 on a sequin die and used up scraps too.  Grab your small circle punches and make up a batch of pretty sequins for your projects this weekend. I bet these technique would work well for making small flower sequins with your tiny flower punches too. Get creative and til next time happy crafting!

30 thoughts on “DIY Paper Sequins {without a fancy die!}

  1. What do you do with paper sequins? With the hole in the middle, do you string them on something? I think you could use pins to push them into a Styrofoam ball or egg to decorate and hang, but what else? You could glue the nonpunched ones on a card or maybe brad the big ones on? Any other ideas?


  2. HI Lindsay, another great video. I also watched the art teaching video, equally great. Got me thinking though, I am a subscriber to your blog and watch your videos and comment from the blog. You always say give thumbs up and subscribe. I always thought the two – the blog and you tube channel – were linked. Anyhow, what I’m getting at is, is it more beneficial to you if I subscribe at both sites, or because I’m subscribed to the blog, the second subscription doesn’t count? Please let me know. Obviously with the vast information and joy you bring me, I’d be only too happy to do the second subscription. Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Allison, I post tutorials that never make it on the blog so you might want to subscribe on YouTube as well. Also I make the lions share of my income from my youtube videos, the ads that play, so watching all of my videos not just the ones that make it to my blog helps a lot! That said I want you to do whatever is best for you and I appreciate it no matter how toy chose to follow me:)


      1. Thanks Lindsay. I surely don’t want to miss anything, so I’m all subscribed to both now! Hope you have a good day. I’m sure you’ll take some time to craft and enjoy every minute:)…That’s my plan today too!


  3. Hi Lindsay. I purchased a 1/8″ hole punch from JoAnn Fabric store and used a coupon. The video is great. I never thought about using my scraps to make sequins. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Very cool, Lindsay. Love your ideas. I guess we could paint a thin layer pd mod podge over plain cardstock for shine, let dry, then punch these out. I love your creations!!!


  5. Lindsey, Good idea for the handmade sequins. StampinUp has a Builder Owl Punch that makes the cutest owl. The circles for the eyes are 5/16″ and 7/16″. You could use those. Plus there is a little heart as well as an added bonus.


  6. I own the perfect punch for making sequins. It makes a 5/16″ circle and is manufactured by McGill. It is a little sturdier than most punches and has black plastic on the handles to grip. I ordered it from a school supply catalog (American Academic Suppliers? School Specialty?) before I retired from teaching elementary school. Hope you can find one.


  7. Hi, Lindsay, I really appreciate all the good info. Your channel and blog are what keep me going to the gym. (I’m subscribed to both, too). I use the watching/reading to motivate me to go into that God-forsaken place (JK–ha,ha). Whatever works, right?

    I’ve got a tip for you now to return the favor: I bought the perfect-sized 3/8″ punch from EK Success @

    I found that the regular paper hole punches are just 1/4′ diameter and just too tiny for the right look. The impression & hole in center I made with the two different ends of a flat head nail. TY for another “frugal crafter” idea –that is, raiding hubby’s workbench to repurpose his stuff for handy-crafty applications.

    I looked long and hard to find the correct size to make the little “DIY card candy” (mimics the melted perler bead look) from your July 27, 2012 blog article. I also have a 5/8″ punch from M.Stewart (bot at Joann), but, I thought it was just too big. Hmm, maybe a 1/2″
    punch is needed in my crafty arsenal too? Ya think??!!

    Hope this helps.


  8. I may be mistaken but, rewatched the vid and I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a 5/8″ or 1/2″ (the orange one) punch in your hands. Those sizes are way more common than the 3/8″ one (I only found it online, not locally). Your orange EK Success punch is clearly punching larger circles than 3/8″ in diameter. The standard office hole punch makes 1/4″ holes and if you compare two of those circles (read, sequins) you’ve punched out. Measure the circles you’ve punched out and you’ll see.


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