How to get your art published in magazines!

Hi friends! I was cleaning out the framing area of my studio and came across some priority mail boxes with art that had been shipped back to me after being published in The Decorative Painter magazine. They have been waiting patiently to be re-framed. It got me thinking that it might be a nice topic for a video to share tips and instructions on how to get your artwork or crafts published in a magazine. I had to learn from trial and error buy you don’t have to if you try some of my tips:

I hope you found that helpful. If you are curious about the magazines I have been published in you can read my resume and publication list. I am a few months behind on publications but you get the idea. The biggest tip I can give you is to keep at it. Persistence pays off, don’t be discouraged and do your best! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!