Look what my husband did! {he’s kinda corny…}

Hi friends! My husband attend one of my watercolor classes (for the first time and we have been together 16 years!) last week and see what he made. He painted the one with the green background.

DCF 1.0

Isn’t that awesome? He thought trying the pen & Ink watercolor decorative corn project would be fun. I think he has a hidden talent! If he can try it so can you! Grab some waterproof pens and any watercolors and some watercolor paper (you can use cardstock in a pinch because this technique is very gentle on paper but watercolor paper is best) and let’s paint!

I hope today’s post gave you the extra push to pick up a paintbrush, heck, maybe ask your partner to paint with you! It is lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



27 thoughts on “Look what my husband did! {he’s kinda corny…}

  1. He did an excellent job! I posted mine on FB and the daffodils with wc pencils. My mom took them and havinh them framed. Thanks Lindsey for your talent and teaching!


  2. How nice that he took your class! Hats off to him. I’ve trying to get my hubby to either quilt or scrapbook with me but so far all I get is the eye-roll – although he does come and helps me pick out fabric.

    Love both those cards and I’m determined to paint one too.


  3. This reminds me of Doris Day and Clark Gable in Teacher’s Pet! You are both artists in your own right – Hubby is a wood crafter and you Lindsay are a water-colorist. And, together you have a whole lot of mileage behind you already – and those 16 years are filled with the blessing of being head-over-heels in LOVE! Lindsay, you and Hubby are to be congratulated.

    Good writing is like dancing naked on the page – it takes lots of guts, but from wood-crafting to watercolor is not as big a leap as one might think – it is, however, a gutsy move and one that takes courage. . . Only a true man’s man would even contemplate such a move. Congratulations to you both! And may you live happily ever after as you move on down the road of love mixed with artsy-fhartsy. You are after all both künstler, and now you have recognized a wonderful secret about each other! Neither fear nor doubt between the two – just lots of real love.

    Oh Yippi Skippi – one more brick in your golden path. Absolutely a true love story that will bring more excitement and happiness to everyone who crosses your path.

    Oh that we all could be so blessed with the ability to bring art and love together so that many can appreciate our happiness. Artists of love and künst.

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  4. I’m glad you are showing us a pen and ink watercolor, I always wanted to try it out one of these days. The color combination yellow-violet is so pretty! I always enjoy watching your watercolor videos and hope you will keep on making them this long … or even longer! A video with you showing us something can’t possibly be too long!

    I even watch your videos when they are about something I don’t do, like jewelry making, just because it’s so fun listening to you and who knows, maybe I will start making jewelry one of these days ….


  5. Well done your hubby – it’s gorgeous, Lindsay! My hubby and I are about to start evening classes and he’s doing “improver’s watercolour” to help improve his technique, and I am doing felt making. Keep up the good work – what an inspiration you are.



  6. He did a great job!! My husband is really good at arranging flowers he picks from the garden—or roadside, and decorating the yard for the season or holidays, although he needs a bit of nudging to do it. I think a lot of men have artistic abilities but too often think it’s not manly. Also, my son is really good when it comes to picking out furniture etc, for home decor. But he does have expensive taste.


  7. Oh Lindsay, you and your husband are so talented! I have the bow maker he made and treasure it!!! Love these duos, do more =)


  8. WOW …… he did good!!! Are you sure he wasn’t practicing somewhere behind your back ….. lol ….. (a closet artist or something like that) Good incentive to encourage all of us to give it a try. Thank you


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