How To Refill your Micron and Pitt Pens!

I have a super easy tutorial that will save you some cash today! I’ll show you how to refill your waterproof Micron and Pitt artists pens with India ink in today’s video:

Easy huh? Who says these pens have to be disposable? I have another quick tip for you. If you have the skinny Pitt brush pens and the nib gets dull and frayed you can pull it out with a pair of tweezers and put it in backwards, there is a fresh tip on the other end of the nib! Cool huh? Have a great weekend and as always happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Thank you Lindsey!!


  2. Can you use India ink to refill a stamp pad?


  3. **great tip.. love all your tips. I have an orange Faber Castell marker that is dried up and I’ve had it a while.. but barely used it. Any way I can refresh that???


  4. Thank you so much for showing this video. It will save me lots of money.


  5. Thank you, Lindsay. Great money saver! I love all of your tutorials!


  6. This is wonderful!! Thank you so much.


  7. Lindsay, what are the uses for these pens? Is it for drawing and then watercoloring or can it be used with alcohol inks also? Also, can you
    give the sizes from thinnest to whatever, the numbers are confusing when you know nothing about these pens? Thank you.


  8. Great tip. I sent two pens to the garbage last week. Wish I could retrieve them now. I can’t believe that I’m hoping for another pen to run dry now.
    One additional idea. Wear cheep disposable gloves while working with permanent ink. Or decide that a black finger is a fashion statement for a couple days.


  9. Nice video! Am wondering if this can can work markers that have 2 different colors in them?


  10. Thank you for this information!! But what is the difference between india ink and acrylic artist’s ink (ex:Daler Rowney brand)? Thanks, Ruth
    ps; where would I find colored India ink??


  11. Thank you Linsay!!!!!


  12. I have been throwing micron pens away only to find out these can be refilled!! Yey thank u Linsay your the best!!


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