Finally, a use for that Styrofoam head!

Hi Friends! Just a quick post today! I have been spending my Sundays over the past few weeks at my son’s fall baseball double headers. 6 hours of baseball is a lot to take in even for the most supportive of mothers so I have been bringing my scrap yarn to use up. I was inspired by this hat I saw online and started with the pattern but went astray, I stated DCing for no apparent reason by I love the way it turned out:

DCF 1.0

I even used some of my hand dyed acrylic yarn (tutorial here), I am loving that! I have also been tweaking my channel. I removed the too loud carnival sounding intro to my videos to be replaced with something less irritating later and made a new channel trailer. This is the video a unsubscribed person will see when they visit my you tube channel. Thanks to my Frugal fans on Facebook for the helpful suggestions while making this!

That it for me today! I have some errands to do but I will be back with a new tutorial for you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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