Bookmarks for Back to School or Tags for Any Time!

Hi friends! I love to stamp on tags! I love it because they are smaller than a card. I don’t worry about messing it up, it is fun and freeing. I also love having a box of 500 large tags in my drawer because it feels like an endless supply and I don’t feel like I have to hoard them. If I run out I can inexpensively order another box from Papermart. I wanted to play with some old shadow stamps (if you don’t have shadow stamps you can use a foam bath block, acrylic stamp block or cut a piece of craft foam or Styrofoam and use that) because that was the challenge this week at Oriental Stamp Art and it really helps to create a cohesive layered design. Confused? Watch this video to see how it is done:


Use your favorite stamps and ink and follow along!


  1. Stamp shadow stamp using your lightest ink.
  2. Stamp your focal stamp on top with two ink colors (rock and roll technique.)
  3. Stamp smaller background elements to fill in. Make sure to overlap images to anchor your design.
  4. Apply a stencil to the tag and spray ink over it.
  5. Add tulle to the hole in your tag.


I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial, now you can make bookmarks and gift tags until your heart’s content! Happy Crafting!

10 thoughts on “Bookmarks for Back to School or Tags for Any Time!

  1. i love the stamp designs. are the inks you use all permanent? i had problems before with some non-permanent inks transferring to the book page.

    evie ;D


    1. they are dye based, once they dry the do not transfer, you probably were using pigment ink or maybe distress since it can be reactivated.


  2. Hi Lindsay! Great video as always:). Could you do the shadow stamp effect with just an acrylic block? Or does the rubber make the effect? Thanks much, I hope you’re having a great day! P.S. What size tags would you recommend if I just want one box to start? Thanks again.


    1. I use the 6″x3″ largest size tags the most:) You can use an acrylic block, you might need to spray it with water after inking though:)


  3. Lindsay! I loved the tutorial. I logged onto the PaperMart site, loaded up my virtual cart with the tags and tulle (an a host of other things and $95 later…..). PaperMart has fantastic prices. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I live about 37 miles north of their location, so of course I picked my order up the same day!!! Doing the happy dance!!


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