Lookie! Cheap watercolor paper and pencils that are awesome!

Hi Friends! I know I have been sharing a lot of new stuff lately. I tend to go in cycles with my shopping. I have been looking for inexpensive watercolor pencils that I can use in my kids classes but are nice enough to recommend to adult painters and stampers too and I think I found them!


I picked up this set of 36 Reeves watercolor pencils on my last Blick supply order. I had a coupon so the set cost me only $11. I have used Reeves brand watercolor and gouache paints in my kids classes because the colors are really nice and they are non-toxic, easy to lift for beginners and a steal of a deal. Also the local craft stores carried them so people could get their hands on them easily. The paper was a new find too, I have been using the 75 sheet pads of the Fabriano studio 90# cold pressed for years and I see they now have big pads of hot press watercolor paper for the same price. The paper feels like silk and is simply lovely. I bought a pack of 75 sheets of 90# and a pack of 50 sheets of the #140 in 11″x14 size for $23 each. If you can only get one I recommend the 90# for stampers because it is plenty thick for stamping and painting and the 140# for painters because you are likely to use larger sheets and get it wetter. Hot press paper also seems to buckle more easily than cold pressed or rough papers so painters will want the thicker paper. Want to see these items in action? Watch the video:

I am not affiliated with Blick Art Materials but I do order from them regularly for my art business. I just wanted to share a deal and some inexpensive options for those looking for watercolor pencils and paper. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. Very pretty card Lindsay. You answered the question I had about hot and cold press paper today, how about that. Sadly I bought only cold press paper but seems like thats ok according to your video for doing watercoloring stamped images.


  2. Very pretty card. Going to have to try out my bow maker I got it Friday.


  3. I have a small set of these Reeves pencils and wondered if you have tried applying water directly to the pencil or if they won’t tolerate that technique. Water colors, water color pencils and crayons fascinate me. Please keep the tutorials coming. Love them!


  4. Thanks Lindsay, beautiful card too. Just want to tell you I appreciate you giving us all the heads up on where to find what. My DD wanted tulle for the baby shower tables and because of you I knew to send her to Paper Mart, we bought the bolts of tulle and the candy bags there. Thanks again. ~Diane


  5. I think that Blick should sponsor you since you talk about them so often. They are a great company. Also, you are an awesome artist and my favorite youtube channel. When I talk to my friends about art, they always stop me and ask me if what I am telling them is from the frugal crafter lady. They know you as that because I am afraid I would probably totally but her your last name.


  6. Those were the first pencils I bought and they are still going strong years later.


  7. Great as always


  8. Wow! I like this idea, and the watercolor pencils from Brick Art Materials are a great buy. Also, the info on watercolor paper is very useful. I have ordered from Brick before and was very happy with their selections and their fast shipment. Again – Thank you Lindsay – you are always so on point and full of interesting ideas and projects.


  9. Can you share where you get your Dick Blick coupons?


    • sure, I just google “blick coupon code” and Retail me not comes up, I always google the store name and coupon before I buy and I almost always get a better coupon that what I see on the site. I was going to make a purchse for something at cheap joes they regular price on albright durer pencils was cheaper than blicks (that hardly ever happens) sale price and I searched for a code and got an extra 25% off that order and free shipping too. always search for a coupon code!


      • Oh thank you Lindsay. I have heard of retail me not but never tried it.
        BTW I am addicted to your YouTube videos. They’re just what the doctor ordered after a long day of cutting hair. : -)


  10. Want to say thanks for the product info. ALSO: Thanks for recommending “Doctor Who”. Like you, I’m a complete Anglophile. Love those British programs. I had never gotten into the old Doctor Who series… back in the black and white days. Because of you I started watching the “reboot” and fell hopelessly, helplessly in love. Everything you said about the new series is correct. The writing is wonderful, the female characters kick serious *ss and are wonderful role models. I wish I could marry Stephen Moffat’s writing. Not the man, his writing. I’m sure he’s lovely, but it’s the work I want to wed. And all that because you expressed your love of “Doctor Who” so fervently. Thank you for the art. Thank you for the inspiration. And thank you for creating another “Who Head”.


  11. Morning! I love the fact that you share where you buy things., But when I checked on the Blick website, they didn’t have Reeves watercolor pencils. P.S. I love your site!


  12. I don’t watch TV per se, I get my morning coffe and watch YouTube on my TV! I always enjoy your videos and lots of useful tips. Love your upbeat nature. Thanks for taking the time to share. I make cards and started dabbling in watercolor with stamps. You make me want to try a “real water color”. Soon I think LOL.


  13. You make the most amazing cards Lindsay! I am making my father a cool birds of paradise flower shared it on fb! on your frugal crafter community (Grace Shack from fb)
    I like the flower (well, I like all flowers), so pretty and I like the buttons they are a very nice effect on the card!

    The other day I got a whole pack of ribbon different colours 50 of them for £2 from amazon.co.uk a great price 🙂 Me trying to be frugal hahahaha

    Lindsay You are very very talented
    I got my first stamp set yesterday so giving that a go later!
    Art can bring so much Joy!! U are right about that Lindsay!



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