My First Time Working With a Scrapbook Kit!

Hi Friends! Do you ever get in a creative rut? Maybe you have trouble coming up with fresh new ideas with the same old supplies. I go quite a while between buying scrapbook supplies and stores where I live never have the new stuff so when Edith at Scrapbooking With Me Boutique asked me to be the guest designer for September and use the new kit I jumped at the chance. BTW they are having a Labor Day sale through Monday, prices reflect the discount, no coded needed:) Here is the layout I made with the kit featuring new 2014 My Minds Eye Paper and die cuts, stamps, stencils and more:


On the video I will show you all the techniques for making these pages, we will make a page start to finish using the contents of the kit plus white cardstock, adhesive and 4 colors of gelatos from my stash:

Here is a close up on the page we made in the video:

DCF 1.0

And the other page:

DCF 1.0

If you are looking for a way to inject some fresh inspiration into your scrapbook pages check out the Scrapbooking with Me September kit. You can also visit their facebook group too or check out their store in Vinemont, Alabama. Here is a look at what you get in the September kit:

10411066_10203358096487132_5431727317951093506_n (1)


These scrapbook pages came together really quickly (for me) and I love the way they look! No work, all fun. I think I will have to try kits again and I hope you do to! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


18 Responses

  1. Great design on this scrap book page. And your kids are adorable.

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    • Lindsay, the twins and your son are the bee’s knees for subjects. The photos are the focal points even with all of the scrapbooking element surrounding them. Nicely done.


  2. Nicely done…but then, I could watch you create a phone book and like it. Lol. I don’t scrap book but I do like to pick up ideas so this was informative in that way! Thanks again!

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  3. Thank you for a relaxing, craft- inspirational way to start my day with my cup of coffee. I work while I listen and watch and always have a feeling of creativity after watching your videos. And yes, “crazy for you” and “make you crazy” at the same time is how I describe motherhood. 🙂


  4. I love your videos. The daughter on the left looks like you, the daughter in the middle has your style & I’m thinkin’ the son is like your husband. Thank you so much for your videos & the honest way you review products.


  5. Lindsay you have very pretty girls and a very handsome son. I think both girls resemble you. Oh and very pretty scrapbook page.


  6. Love your pages and your kids are adorable. I’m a slow scrapbooker too most of the time. Some pages go together without a problem and some I struggle with. I keep telling myself “it’s a scrapbook layout not a work of art for a museum” when I get stuck. I post some on my blog and people seem to enjoy them.

    I love the way you did the butterflies and I really want some gel sticks. They are next on my list.


  7. Well! Makes me wish I was in Texas with my two grandchildren! B-T-W, the two facing pages with one theme is called a ‘doubletruck’ in the newspaper/magazine industry. Very clever idea putting it into a scrapbook. Does not always lend itself to this technique, but when it does, it really add a nice punch! Nice tutorial Lindsay – more please.

    p.s. I bought the fixins for S’mores. Couldn’t find Reeses Peanut butter cups in the grocery store – However, they are available at Amazon in Germany in the grocery store section! I substituted butter cookies for the graham crackers – Okay so who’s gonna complain if they have never had one in the first place. LoL. And Alpine chocolates with caramel centers. I’ll let you know how that goes over with the Beer and Brats for the Oktoberfest bash. We’re inviting 30 people – whoop t dooo! I’m glad Horst is manning the grill. . . My job will be to keep the washtub filled with ice and beer. S’mores ‘n beer? Uuuuheeee – could that get ugly? Hope not!


  8. Very nice layout as always. Very gifted artist. Id like to me you someday. Shouldnt be to difficult seeing we both live in Maine. Anyways have a great day


  9. Nicely done. I just love your creative spirit.


  10. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    What a brilliant idea and it was so enjoyable watching you.
    The photos of your children and you are lovely. You could also add a photo of your husband. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.
    Best wishes. Take care.


  11. Your layout is beautiful, Lindsay! I love the way you did the butterflies. I saw a tip on a craft video that said to work from the back when you’re using a marker on the edge of a piece of paper or picture. That way if the marker slips, it won’t show. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like a good idea. \


  12. Hi my love Lindsay, awesome layout! I’ve never tried a kit, hmmm, maybe I should. Tfs Love ya’ Patricia B


  13. great photos of you and the kids! they are too precious! 🙂


  14. Nice photos. When I watch you it seems like you already know how to place things on the paper. When I do it nothing looks right! Everything looks out of place or mismatched even though I’m using a kit. Have you got any videos on design that I may have missed?


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