By Request: Waterlilies!

Hello friends! Today I have a quick and easy tutorial for you on painting waterlilies with cheap soft pastels.

For those of you who watched to the end, do not worry, the injury mentioned was only a skinned knee;) The pastels I used were Marie’s brand and cost $10 at Jerry’s Artarama BUT the name on the package has changed to Charvin and the price is still on sale for $10. You can find the pastels here. I am not affiliated with Jerry’s but I do order from them from time to time. I have also tried these with water and they are nice that way too. They are like a richly pigmented chalk and the package says that they are highly light-fast. Not bad for $10! I like to find cheaper alternatives that work as well as the pricey counterparts. I hope you enjoyed this easy pastel tutorial, and til next time happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this one. Keep them coming.


  2. I enjoy seeing how to use different mediums. I think I do have some pastels in my stash. I will have to dig them out and try them.


  3. Pretty ! OUCH hope the knee is better, my grandson skinned his knee when I kept them a few weeks ago, bicycle wreck in the gravels. Tore his knee up good and I had to push the bike up the hill. Got my bow maker today, thanks Lindsay and have a good holiday weekend. Patricia


  4. LOL! So glad it was only a skinned knee. Thanks for the soft pastel tutorial. I’m looking forward to playing around with mine. Can you colour a stamped image with them? I’ll try! Cheers.


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