Do You Want Some More?

Hello Friends! Today I have a quick and easy DIY s”more kit project for you using inexpensive supplies from Papermart:


I occurred to me that folks outside of the US and Canada might not know what the heck a s’more is, or how to make them so I’ll tell you! S’mores are an American campfire tradition, they call them s’mores because they are so tasty after you eat one you will want some-more! First you roast a marshmallow over the fire, then you take a graham cracker and add a piece of chocolate on top, place the roasted melty marshmallow on top and top with another graham cracker.  Yum! These little DIY s’more kits make wonderful party favors for a camp-out or bonfire (that is probably another American tradition too!) I have even made these kits with Christmas themed marshmallows or “Peeps” and called them “Santa S’mores” and sold them at craft fairs for $1 each and they sell out every time! Watch the video to see how it is done:

supplies for this project:


  1. Place food items in clear bag. Seal closed.
  2. Fold scrapbook paper in half, add doily and tape to bag.
  3. Decorate with twine, buttons and die cuts.

I hope you make some of these DIY s’more kits but you better make extra because everyone will want some-more! Happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. I always wanted to know what s’mores was. But tell me – what is a graham cracker??


    • they are a sweet crispy cracker (kind of like a cookie) that is cinnamon or honey flavored. It kinda tastes like a gingersnap but milder.


  2. My grandkids probably eat these but being a vegetarian, I don’t eat marshmallows so I’ve never actually had them. Good project for a fair though.


  3. Great idea Lindsay, Im sure these are a top seller for sure.


  4. We have a campfire every night just for s’mores while we are on vacation. Have never tried the peanut butter cup but I think we will have to try it next year. Have you tried the jumbo marshmallows which we found at the Christmas tree shop. They make for a super s’more.


  5. These are the cutest idea, but my favorite part is the idea to use a Reese’s cup! OMG, that must be divine! Thanks for all your clever and creative ideas!


  6. Sweet idea – Reese’s are my favorite too. We’re having a Beer and Brats party soon, (before Oktoberfest – of course) these S’mores will be a great ending to the party. Thanks Lindsay! as always a great video. . . oh yeah.


  7. Yummy! What a good idea! I love Milky Way bites on my s’mores. Now I’ll try the Reeses.


  8. I like the idea of caramel milky ways.Yum, yum. Thank you Lindsay for taking the time for all your wonderful videos. I love them all and especially your sunny disposition! You are great.


  9. Sweet !!! Just a little to much sugar for me. As we get older it seems harder to keep the weight off. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help either. I have tried very hard to get my husband to fire me and nothing works. Oh well. Have a good weekend Lindsay. Hugs Patricia


  10. I never thought of give s’more as a Christmas gift cool idea!!


  11. What a wonderful idea, Lindsay. This will work for any outdoor outing and who doesn’t love S’Mores?


  12. Well, thanks for the info, but for us folks outside the US of A,   What the heck is a graham cracker?

    Enjoy what is left of your summer, we are getting a month’s rain in a week 😦

    Love your work,



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