Watermedia Review {pardon the mess}

Today I will go over the different water-soluble media I have with the exception of acrylics because they are a different animal altogether. I will show you what I have for paint, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, ink sticks, pastels etc. I will compare kids supplies to artist’s quality and advise when to save and when to splurge. Here is a sampling of the media will will try out in the video:

DCF 1.0

I will warn you, I have a lot of water-media. I have been adding to my collection for 15 years and I teach art professionally so please do not feel bad if you do not have as much. Nobody would go out and buy everything at once, get a few items and try them out, see what they can do and add to your collection as budget permits. I hope this video will help you make smart decisions when buying your supplies:

If you have any questions about the products I showed in the video or want to add your recommendations for products please leave a comment. I think it would be impossible to have every kind of water-media out there (it would be fun trying to collect it though!) but I hope I covered all the types of media so you can see what will work best for you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. Awesomeness and sooooo much info!!!! By the way, I did get the envelope glue to work. Still don’t know what I was doing wrong, but it is fine now. Thanks so much for all the info and ideas!!!!!


  2. Thank you


  3. Thank you for showing us all the different mediums, that has helped a lot.


  4. I just finished watching this video – WOW! I paused and went to look at each product online and then came back to watch the next portion of the video.

    I learned quite a bit, and have decided that my 12 set of Faber Castell watercolor pencils – Albrecht Dürer are just fine. I also have a field set by Cotman from Windsor and Newton and I’ve added a few 1/2 pans to that – I really enjoy painting with that set! Then the two sets of Spectrum Noir with the gamsol blending solution. I think I have spent just about all I can manage at this point. Ha!!

    I am, however, purchasing the metalic watercolors from Yasutomo 21 Pearlescent set, and I think I will be set. I will try the watercolors, let them dry, and then come back in with a touch of the metallic. I also think the Hummer can be treated that way too. . . I love humming birds! They are so feisty.

    I also went out and looked at the single Koi watercolor. I am so not ready to take that on. Why? I do not know. That little fish just intimidates me beyond reason. . .

    My GOODNESS! I just spent 2.5 hours watching and researching with your video. I am usually way to antsy for sitting still that long. It was indeed intense, but I learned soooo much. Thank you Lindsay. Great job!!!


  5. Thank you Lindsay! I’m sure that I will be referring back to this review as I build onto my supply of watercolors.


  6. I have the 72 Derwent Watercolour pencils and am now getting the Inktense pencils. I also have the Faber Castell Polychromos. Love my pencils.
    Really enjoy your videos, Lindsay. I have learned so much.


  7. Great Video Lindsay…good to keep on hand as I try my different types…the key word here being TRY them. I have them, but keep going to my Copics….must TRY them all out in my new journal book!!!


  8. hola Lindsay, soy de mexico y verdaderamente disfruto tus videos. ¡eres inspiradora y divertida! . este gallo quedo super divertido y colorido de una manera tan suelta pero con mucho color. tengo poco usando prismacolor y ahora tu me has inspirado para usarlos diferentes. gracias por toda tu energia.


  9. I appreciate your frank opinions. Derwent products have worked well for me also, save for the metallic pencils, which were a disappointment.
    Have you tried the Faber Castell polychromos pencils?


    • I’ve had a set for years, they are wonderful. I posted a colored pencil review 2 weeks ago if you want to see, I show them as well:)


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