A campfire cake kids can make!

Hi friends! Today I have a baking tutorial but it’s not really about the baking. I, with the exception of bread, do not enjoy baking. Or cooking. Or sports. My kids however love to cook (and play every sport going I might add!) So even though I don’t enjoy those activities I want to encourage my kids to try them. I hear so many moms say “Oh, I wish I was crafty, my daughter wants to learn to make jewelry but I just don’t know where to start…” or “Mr son loves to use clay but I can’t deal with the mess…” or my favorite “My child loves art but I am afraid I will show him how to paint the wrong way.” So I say to you, listen, there is no wrong way to do art. If something falls apart they will learn more than if it turns out perfectly. Give kids a box of supplies and let them have at it. They will make a mess but remind them that clean up is part of the art process too. Furthermore if I can let my kids bake a cake YOU can let your kids make art. You do not need to be an artist to (or a good cook, athlete) to encourage your children. You just need to give them opportunities to try without worrying about failing. There is plenty of time for that when you are an adult but hopefully if they start young enough and build confidence they will not have those insecurities later on. Let them learn, let them make a mess (but make them clean up after themselves) and let’s bake a cake!

You may wonder why we used a cake mix. A couple of reasons: They could do it all themselves. they still got to pour and measure and results were nearly guaranteed. Also I rarely bake so my supplies go stale, sugar and baking powder go hard in the container and if you have ever bit into a hard clump of baking powder in a cake it makes your mouth afraid to take another bite. Don’t ask me how I know….


This project costs about $10, here are the supplies you will need, you probably have them on hand already:

  • 2 boxes of cake mix in your favorite flavors
  • 1 can of vanilla frosting *get the kind with sprinkles!
  • 1 can chocolate frosting
  • 1/2 bag of chocolate candy melts (or you can met a couple of chocolate bars-optional)
  • Oreo cookies or graham crackers

*the cake mix will call for eggs and vegetable oil so make sure you have them on hand before you start!


  • 2 large bowls
  • 9″x13″ baking dish (lasagna/casserole pan)
  • big top cupcake mold if you have one OR you can use a high walled Pyrex oven safe bowl, bunt cake mold or anything that will give you a similar shape and go in the oven. Use what you have!
  • Mixing spoons, glass measuring cup, straight or offset spatula (or whatever you like for applying icing) and a teaspoon.

Tip: To crush the Oreo cookies (or Graham crackers) to make the ash/dirt place them in a plastic Ziploc bag and roll over them with a rolling-pin.


I think the cake turned out super cute and everyone said it was delicious (I don’t eat eggs so I can’t say) and the girls were so proud to have made it themselves! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 Responses

  1. Your cake looks spectacular. Way to go Girls!


  2. Such a beautiful cake! Amen to letting children explore all kinds of healthy activities, for not only does it satisfy their curiosities, they have the opportunity to learn what they are or aren’t interested in doing. Our older daughter put together her first cake, at the age of five…with Mom’s supervision, and now as an adult, she is an exceptional cook and baker. She also, continues to play softball with an adult softball team.


  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thank you for doing the video and sharing the recipe with us. Your daughters enjoyed doing it and it was wonderful to see them doing it together and you were there taking the video; What a special time for everyone! The cake looked amazing and looked so delicious. Thank you again…you are so talented!!
    Best wishes.
    Take care.


  4. You have the best imagination, the best ideas! I bet your children have a blast! I don’t have little ones around at the moment, but I will keep in mind what you have said – I agree fully with your teaching methods – used them myself on my own kids – they are now cooking far better than their Dad can (Mind you he can’t boil an egg!) Thank you – Julie


  5. What adorable girls, with an older brother to help keep them in line! LOL. Lucky you Lindsay.


  6. Kudos, to you for this post. Without experimentation, we as humans do not move forward, whether it is art, cooking, physics, or anything. I love your devil get out of my way attitude, toward achieving your goals.


  7. Your girls are so cute. Great job


  8. Another great idea, Lindsay. 🙂 Girls, you did a great job and you are naturals on the video. Must be genetic, eh? 😉 Love the cake.


  9. Your daughters look like you…especially the one on the right in the photo. Cute idea…they did a great job.


  10. To Lindsay’s daughters 🙂
    Hope you two had a great Birthday.


  11. Hi Lindsay, all the way from Aus. I love your birthday cake, and I felt encouraged by your tips on letting kids get involved, in both crafting and cooking. I just started teaching ‘card classes’ to my 7yr old daughter. She kept coming in when I was crafting, wanting to join in. So I decided to make a plan to teach her, and that works well for both of us. I watched your recent watercolouring video. Brilliant teaching. I’m very new to it, but keen to learn more. I would love to see some work with soft pastels, as I have some, and I would like to teach my kids.


  12. you and the girls did a good job!! happy birthday again to them! enjoyed the vid!


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