Wait Summer! Don’t Go! {A fun outdoor craft!}

Hello friends! Every month at my local library I have a free craft night for children. I wanted to show the kids how to make something that they could use outside during these last remaining weeks of summer and I decided on this fun fish windsock:

To make this craft you will need:

  • 9″x12″ watercolor paper or poster-board
  • crayons
  • watercolors/brush,water
  • fishing line or string
  • tacky glue or a hot glue gun
  • wiggle eyes
  • Time: This craft will take about 30 minutes

Note: to make this project weatherproof substitute the crepe paper with ribbon or strips of plastic (you could cut strips from a disposable plastic table cloth or plastic bag) and laminate the watercolor paper before gluing it into a cylinder.

Please watch the above video to see how it is made! Happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. You are so talented


  2. I just love this project! Now, I need to find a kid….


  3. What a really wicked HOOT! Love your ideas Lindsay!!!!


  4. Thanks for this idea! I volunteer to do crafts in an elementary school and this is a great project for them. I think my 3rd graders could do everything but tie the string–some 8 year olds do not know how to tie–too much velcro on shoes!


  5. What a great project for me to do with my grandchildren.
    I think we will all love working on this. Thank you for all
    your ideas.


  6. Your are a woman after my own heart.


  7. Thanks for donating your time at your local public library!


  8. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Great idea for children to make and enjoy.
    Thank you for sharing. You are a fabulous frugal crafter!!!
    Best wishes.


  9. beautiful indeed. thanks Lindsay


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