Easy Tutorial: Let’s Paint a Tulip in watercolor!

Hi friends! Today, by request, we will paint a simple tulip:

I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Beautiful tulip! Have you ever done a painting on a Pasque Flower? It is the state of South Dakota flower and I would love to see you do a tutorial on it. Thanks!


  2. Hi Lindsay,
    I tried to put my clear stamps in a binder like you did but mine are not cooperating. What am I doing wrong?


  3. Great tutortial as always


  4. I need these easy tutorials.


  5. Love watching your videos Lindsay. This is a cute one on a tulip. I used to paint the slick looking one all by itself and found that one easy for me. Your friend in Florida, Della


  6. Nice job Lindsay. I don’t care to much for parrot tulips – way too fussy. I like the more modern tulips: http://www.poetschke.de/Viridiflora-Tulpen–3569d.html . But, now that I’ve watched you, I think I’ll try it. pqhorn


  7. Hi Lindsay, I’m really, really new to the joy of watercolour painting. I wanted to tell you I am loving your videos and finding them so helpful. I really enjoyed the longer video too. It was just like having a private art lesson floating all the way across the Atlantic to the UK.


  8. Lindsey, I would love to see how you are wetting and drying your brush…I struggle with that. also, woudl the inktense derwents work like watercolors for the tulips or the new autumn landscape on youtube??
    thanks Ruth


    • yes, they will be better in fact I think:) I will make sure to show my water bucket in my next tutorial so you can see:)


      • YOu really think the intense would be better!!! how cool!!!! could you do a landscape with them!!! PLEASE!!!!! Thanks, Ruth


  9. Lindsey, can you post photos of the end result. It helps when I can see an up close image of the end product. Thanks so much! You are SO helpful 🙂


  10. Reblogged this on Carol's Creative Papers and commented:
    The Frugal Crafter’s watercolor tulip tutorial. So much fun!


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