I’m the Queen of Gettin’ Things Done!

Hello friends! After a couple seemingly unproductive days I finally got some stuff done that was causing me a fair bit of anxiety. I got my girls back to school shopping done and a couple hard to find birthday gifts ordered (cross your fingers that they come in the right size!) I was starting to freak out, I was in my studio today spinning my wheels because I could not settle down to get anything done. Worrying about those nagging tasks was worse than actually completing them. Do you get that way? For me it is the overwhelming options out there: Where should I shop, who has the best deals, how many stores do I have to go to, if I order things on line will they fit? My son is easy, I can log on to my favorite clothing store and I know their sizes well, all he has to do is pick and point, we are done in minutes. Girls need to try stuff on, you can not guess or you end up with a closet-full of unworn clothes or dreaded return lines. So tonight the girls and I had a lovely time shopping, no really, we did! I told myself we can go out again if we don’t find everything we need. I usually put so much pressure that we have to do it all in one shot (because I hate to shop) but tonight I changed my attitude, we had a great time and my girls made some really smart choices…I don’t think we bought 1 single t-shirt! They tried on T-shirts but opted for classic or funky blouses. There is hope! The only place I do not feel the overwhelming choice fear is in the art store, or art catalog/website and I think it is because I like to look at art supplies and learn what is out there and I have been using supplies for so long that I can recognize quality on sight regardless of the price and if I make a bad purchase I chalk it up to experience and move on. I came across a display of new paint brushes at ACmoore a couple of weeks ago called Snap! by Princeton. They were very affordable but with my keen art-buying eyes they looked good. I wanted to find an inexpensive brush to recommend my students and I saw a package with a 3/4″ angle wash, a #8 filbert and a #10 round. The set retailed for $7.99 and I had a coupon so I paid about $4.50. In today’s video I will review them:

Here is the item # on the package: #9650set1 They are good brushes. The only downside being that they do not have acrylic scraper handles but heck, we all have out cut up credit cards for that right? What are your favorite brushes? Do you have a great deal to share? Leave a comment, we can all benefit for others experience! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. We don’t have AC Moore in our area but I’m going to keep these in mind for next time we go out of town! I laughed at your clothes shopping, though! I don’t have girls but in our whole family, it’s the boys that are so picky… Me vs. my brother, niece vs. nephew, and my boys were terrible… They STILL ARE! I just don’t have to buy clothes for them now because they’re grown… Picky girls would be a lot worse… Too many choices and accessories… Lol. Glad y’all had a good time! And thanks for reminding of some old memories!


  2. I know your anxiety re shopping but yep, have to relax and just enjoy and yep, write up and a new list and come back another day to finish off, best way. I remember how wonderful it was that we did not have to go to the toyshop anymore! bliss!!


  3. I am learning to use that cut up credit card. The best way to use a credit card. Thanks for posting and can’t wait til another one.


  4. Completely understand about shopping anxiety! Clothes shopping rarely happens, gifts are usually homemade or something we’ve found on a deep discount throughout the year( hate spending a lot on something that will just sit around). However, there’s the weekly grocery trip, which is detailed out to what we need at each store. Its not so much about the actual shopping, for me/ us its having to deal with such rude, all about me people. I just don’t understand why oh why people have to be sooo nasty. One of the many reasons I enjoy your videos is that your a breath of fresh air, so happy, and enthusiastic. You give me hope that there are still great people in this crazy world. Thanks for all you share. 🙂

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  5. I so enjoy watching your tutorials. You have taught me so much. After watching and listening to your daily activities as a Mum and partner,
    you have become a welcome friend who I can listen to and learn from whenever I wish to. I thank you very much Lindsay.. regards Karyn


  6. I hope you do not feel alone in your anxiety. I do the same thing. I have several things that really need to be done and I make my anxiety worse by not knowing where to start. LOL I finally make myself pick one and get started. I can then finally breathe. Thank you for all you do for us. I have learned a lot from you.

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  7. I hate shopping, too. Are we normal women?!


  8. Hi Lindsay ! Your story is so funny because I feel the exactly the same. I hate going shopping for myself (clothes or whatever). My husband thinks I’m weird because ALL the girls love shopping ! But at the opposite, bring me to an art or craft shop and I can stay hours looking and touching every thing new. I also love the hardware stores. I’m sure I have more guy stuff things and tools that most of them LOL (drills, sand machines…) and I use them !!
    So I understand very well what you say, and because of that I think you did a pretty good job going shopping with your girls and have a good time !! Since you Have to do it, it’s better to try to enjoy it !
    I am proud of you !!


  9. Nice review on the brushes.. Thanks Lindsay. I do enjoy all your videos so much. Your friend in Florida, Della


  10. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thanks for this video regarding brushes. At times it is not easy to decide which brush to use, but your video has helped me; THANK YOU!
    When you have things to do and you do not feel in the mood to do them and that clock is ticking it can make a person anxious. I am sure most of us go through that at times; I do. I feel so much better when I get the things done I want to and I say “YES, that is now off the TO DO LIST.” So glad you got that “stuff” done and you really had a good time with your daughters. They are special memories to cherish.
    THANK YOU for being my “frugalcrafter friend” and for all the wonderful lessons and advice you give me and others.
    Best wishes.


  11. Thanks for being such a good fb friend and you make the best online tutorials out there for Beginner’s like Me, it’s great


  12. I used to love shopping (aka retail therapy) but I retired this year, earlier than expected, so now money is tighter and I’m always second guessing myself about every purchase to the point of paralysis. lol When it comes to the art supplies shopping is really frustrating because we can see the excellent bargains you can find in the US and then the products aren’t available in Canada or they are two or three times the price by the time we pay the exchange, shipping and handling. Can you tell I’m a wee bit jealous?


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