Quick Tip: Fetch those buttons!

Hi Friends! I hope you enjoyed scrapbook week while I was on vacation! I admit this is a bit of a stretch for a scrapbooking video but we all use buttons on pages right? Here is a quick tip for dealing with them, beads too!

Here is the beaded stone tutorial I mentioned in the video.

I will soon be back online reading though the comments you have left during the week (My favorite!) I am wondering, did you get any scrapbooking done this week? Have you taken so  great summer photos? Let me know in the comments and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Loved the video on judgement! So true! thanks for posting!


  2. Summer photo’ss why yes I did. 4?of my 7 grandchildren just participTed in our local fair…. Love seeing the kids with their animals


  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    What a brilliant idea to use a spoon to dig out the buttons.
    May I suggest another tip for putting your beads back in the vial/jar?
    You could insert a small funnel in the top of the vial and then pour your spoonful of beads into the vial. The funnel would also collect any beads that fall off your spoon. Hope this is helpful.
    Thank you for your scrapbooking videos this week.
    Hope you had a great vacation with your family.
    Take care.


  4. That is so simple-and brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? 😉


  5. Great tip.. Thanks for sharing !!!!


  6. Good tip Lindsey. I often make a little paper funnel inserted in container then spoon in the beads or whatever fiddley items need storage. Love all your tutorials I get great inspiration.


  7. No scrapbooking but made some brag books, waterfall type and mini albums for pictures.


  8. Brilliant! I love the “why didn’t I think of that” kind of easy tips! I didn’t see a link to the beaded item you referred to briefly…I’m interested in that!


  9. As always, GREAT TIPS Lindsay!!! No scrapbook pages, but did enter 19 cards and projects in the Oregon State Fair Paper Arts area…FUN!!!


  10. Great idea. You can also bend up the sides of a plastic spoon by heating it in boiled water first. That will work great for getting the beads back into the cylinder.


  11. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. A great help. Your ideas never seem to stop. Love seeing them even if I don’t do that craft.


  12. Great tip Lindsay! ~Diane


  13. As always, I love your tips!!!!!!

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  14. Great! Now one more temptation – dessert spoons in the craft room. . . LOL. Actually, I do like the idea and it is, as always, ingenious on your part Lindsay.

    I read a post on splitcoaststampers re: embossing watercolor projects – any ideas?? I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Probably my being a newbie to all this. . .


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