Vlog: Avoiding Cliches in Scrapbooking

Hi friends! When you make a scrapbook page do you use tried and true themes and titles or do you reach beyond the obvious to get to the real story?

Your stories are unique and probably not reflected in scrapbook products all the time. Make sure you tell your unique story on your one-of-a-kind pages. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Great tips – thank you so much!


  2. Oh Lindsay, I am dying…… from Ask a Crafter withdrawal!!! Hope you are having a great summer. But I miss that part of you….. and your accomplices!!!


  3. Now that you mention the sinking floating dock, every time I go through your vlogs to find something, I stop, look at that picture, see that dock sinking and wonder how the heck did that happen. . . Having a journalism degree does not keep me from making such mundane mistakes – editors are worth their weight in gold. And don’t I know that!?!!

    I know you’re posts are probably being automatically downloaded by some software thingy, but You are soooo much fun, and all you do goes quite nicely with my one cup of coffee per day. Even software thingies! Smart Chickie! Or should I say wiiiickeeed Chickie? \;0)

    Be safe. Savor the memories. Hurry home! Midnightair. . .


  4. Help…..I would like to get the addresss of the company you mentioned to get the protective bags for your paintings. I can’t find the weblog with the info. Thanks. Love your postings. keep them coming. nonypaquette72@gmail.com

    Sent from my iPad. Nony



  5. Great food for thought, Lindsay. Mentioning special moments specifically is an excellent tip. It makes meaningful memories even more meaningful. “:O)


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