Scrapbooking 101: How to pick an album

Hi folks! Scrapbook week continues with albums! I am picky about albums, I actually just ordered a WeRMemory keepers 12″x12″ binder because I just can’t accept the quality of the Project Life one I purchased. I don’t think the PL one is going to fall apart or anything but the plastic-coated cardboard looks a bit cheesy in real life and it was a replacement because the first one I ordered arrived damaged. I ordered a pretty Aqua one for 2014 and the PL one will go to the kids. It is sturdy enough and better than the post bound ones they have been using so win-win. That said there are many quality album choices on the market today. In this video I will tell you about them so you can find the perfect scrapbook for you, it is not a one-size-fits-all decision and you have to live with the album until it is full (or in my case give it to the kids and get the one I knew I should have bought in the first place LOL!)

Do you have a favorite kind of album? Leave a comment and tell me what album you like best and why. It will be helpful info to those just starting out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Hey, everyone, has the We Are Memory Keepers 12 x 12 albums for $17.99! I don’t like to be disloyal to my local store, but that is to good to pass up, and they have all the yummy colors.


  2. Hey, everyone, has the We Are Memory Keepers 12 x 12 albums for $17.99! I don’t like to be disloyal to my local store, but that is too good to pass up, and they have all the yummy colors.


  3. I mostly use the three ring binder style that takes 12 x 12 inch pages that I get at hobby lobby when they have them at 50% off. I’ve used We R Memory Keepers albums, too, and like them. But I can fit more pages into the binder style which I appreciate more. I use WRMK for making small, specialty type scrapbooks.


  4. Thanks for doing these videos Lindsay, I always find getting pictures into a scrapbook a little overwhelming. I have bought some We R Memory Keepers pages and an album as it seems like it’s a much easier way to get your pictures into an album. Your help with this is so appreciated.


  5. Hi Lindsay
    you have only done 2 videos so far and i am soooo!!!!! informed already. i have an album i am doing for mum.( i have only done 2 pages of 57 and can not get myself motivated) it is really old with black pages that remind me of blotting paper. i am hoping as i watch the rest of your videos i will get my mojo back!! so far so good.
    yours in appreciation


  6. I I have moved to 6×6 of 8×8 because of storage issues. I also like making mini book albums for specific events.


  7. I like the Creative Memories Albums. They have a nice heavy cover that is fabric like but cleanable. It has metal posts that can be join to another one. These are my specialty albums ( baby book or Wedding) because they are expensive compared with those you get at AC Moore. they also have craft nights and get to use all their fancy tools and have supplies if you need them. You can get several pages done in one evening. I like the girls night out aspect of it. I have made an album or two for each of my seven children as well as albums for trips to Europe and Africa. I made albums because when my mom died I realized I didn’t have any baby pictures of myself until I went through my mom’s house and found only a few pictures. Didn’t want my kids to not have pictures of their childhood.


  8. I started with postbound 12×12 albums but have changed over to 12×12 and 8×8 We Are Memory Keepers albums. I totally feel that Project Life made a huge mistake leaving WRMK for American Crafts. The new sheet protectors and albums are not good quality. I was so impressed with the Close to My Heart Artbooking Cricut cartridge that I became a consultant. Since I am making pages in 8×8 and 12×12 with it, I have started buying the WRMK ring albums in both sizes.


  9. I absolutely love the Creative Memories strap hinge albums. The Westrim albums were not as good quality. So sad that Creative Memories (now known as Ahni & Zoe is going out of business..


    • Is A 7 Z going out of business? They were supposed to be offering the album refills, if not CTMH will be and hobby lobby does. I think their albums were well made but a paint if you wanted to change the order of the pages. I use one for my heritage scrapping:)


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