It’s Scrapbook Week!

Hello Friends! As I mentioned on Facebook I am having a bit of a vacation this week but do not worry, I have lined up tutorials for you every day on my blog and have fresh new videos appearing each day on my YouTube channel lest you suffer from Frugalcrafter withdrawal. I just won’t be online this week. Time to unplug and enjoy my family. I thought this would be a good time to share some scrapbook ideas, thoughts and tutorials with you since I had such a overwhelming response from THIS POST. Overwhelmingly the comment I heard most when I asked “Is Scrapbooking Dead?” was about photos. What was the best way to print them? So I will tackle this topic today!

I hope that gave you some ideas for dealing with your JPGs. The collage software I mentioned is called Ipiccy and it is great, you will see me use it later this week. Please excuse any typos in this weeks posts, I am in a mad dash to line them all up before I go offline for the week! Thanks and happy crafting!


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  1. I think you deserve a break! A wise person said when all is said and done, “time” is all we have. Be aware of how you spend it.


  2. Planning on checking out your suggestion for iPiccy. Have done things with photo options for years and only use my printer when making labels with photos. Trust that my Walgreens can process them in often less than an hour!


  3. I do print all of my photos through Walgreens. Upload from my computer and pick up within the hour. At $.19 for a 4×6 print, I just couldn’t beat it.

    Another tip for organizing photos is to use a free file renaming program and rename them with YYYY-MM-DD-EventName-#-People’sNames.jpg This will automatically sort them in chronilogical order. So for instance, if you took 30 photos of Susy’s birthday party last week, they would be renamed:
    2014-07-30-Susies 7th Birthday-01-Jackie Larry, Mary.jpg

    This type of renaming has been especially helpful in keeping track of all the 100’s of really old photos I have been scanning of generations past.

    You can also just create a folder named 2014-07-30-Susies 7th Birthday and put all the photos in there.


  4. Hi Lindsay. I do not make prints. I am the oddball person here. I am 70. My pictures are very old. There have been yellowing in drawers with my mothers things. The pictures of my children are at the newest 40 years old. I crop and put them in the album and they are preserved there. There are family related newspaper articles that go back over a hundred years, yellow and torn. I will as carefully as I can mount them also. My family has a very historic past in the state of Florida so these are to be treasured. Falling apart in in shoe boxes was not where they needed to be. When the abums are ready they will be a family history for the grandchildren and great grandchildren. So you are 100% right. There is no bad album making. Just do it. I started mine last year before I had ever seen the elaborate pages and how the are made. I’m glad because those do intimidate me! Your Florida friend, Della


  5. I have a question for you. I totally understand how to upload pics from my camera and print them out but I’d like your opinion on what to do with the old family photos. I don’t know if I should save all the old family photos in a box but scan them into the computer and print them out, cut them into the shapes I want, etc. or cut the originals. Over the years I’ve kept lots and lots of pictures that contain my loved one. For my scrapbook, I have a page where I just cut that person out and put their pictures all over the page showing their different expressions, how they aged, etc. Would you do that with originals?


    • I would scan them and keep the originals in an archival box or album and play with the copies, you can even email copies to relatives. You may regret cutting the originals.


  6. Hi Lindsay, 🙂
    Excellent video on scrapbooking. When we want to print photos we go to our local Drug Store and they have the Kodak equipment for printing and the photos are top notch quality, super colours and easy to use. We do not have a smartphone and we found printing from our computer was too time consuming.
    I am so happy you are going to spend time with your family this week.
    Have a fabulous time with your family.
    Take care.


  7. Thanks for all the hints Lindsay…and have a great week with your family!!!


  8. I am going to take my memory card to Target and pop it in their machine, then shop for an hour while it gets printed for me. 🙂


  9. I want to know about Daniel Smith watercolor ground. I have read some comments about how well it works to create any type of watercolor surface. Could you do a review on it or any other absorbent ground.(Golden)


  10. I live in a rural area with limited, expensive bandwidth, so I have no longer upload photos to Snapfish, which I really liked. Sorry to have to give it up. We upload our photos directly from the camera to the computer. I edit them with Photoshop Elements 12. Recently, we tried putting some photos we wanted printed on a flash drive and took them to Walgreens. We found it somewhat confusing, but got the job done and were pleased with the prints. Someone in the comments earlier mentioned that their 4×6 prints were 19 cents. Ours were more like 30 cents. I guess we’ll have to look for sales. Thanks for this video and the whole scrapbooking series.


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