I forgot the ballerina!

Hi Friends! I have to thank blog reader Kelly for reminding me that I never shared the tutorial on how to draw the ballerina from this art journal page. I posted the tutorial on youtube as soon as it was requested (odd, right?) but it never made it to the blog. I blame summer the kids are home from school brain, it is quite similar to “placenta brain” when you are forgetful and pregnant or having a “senior moment”  and since neither of those scenarios apply to me it must be “summer brain” LOL! Anyway, here is the tutorial:

Here is the link to download the photo I worked from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ballet-Ballerina-1853.jpg

I hope you try this fun approach to drawing and til next time happy crafting!

PS I am having “Scrapbook Week” on the blog starting tomorrow! I do hope you enjoy it! Please check back every day for motivation, support and tutorials!


9 Responses

  1. Very good tutorial. I have a bad habit of putting in too much detail right off the bat so this was good to watch how you do the basic shape first. I’ve never had an art lesson so everything is “learn as you go” and “trial and error” with me.

    By the way, I’m a “wipe the stamp on the butt” person too. My husband just about hat a fit the first time he saw me do it. But I clean the stamp, spray it with water, give it a quick wipe with a rag but the butt swipe gets more moisture off! I assured him I always make sure I have my “grub” jeans on when I stamp…I saw another eye roll and shake of the head as he walked away.


  2. This is on my list to try!

    I must tell you that you are a fabulous teacher! Mr daughter, who has a bachelors degree in art, came over tonight and I was finally brave enough to show her my art journal where I have done a violet watercolor, a glue resist daffodil water color, and a cherry colored pencil drawing. She was very impressed with her accountant mother’s talent, and I owe it all to you!


  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thank you for doing today’s tutorial. You have just taught me how to make sketching a person or animal so much easier by drawing basic shapes instead of getting hung up on “where do I start???” I also liked seeing the photo in the tutorial as it showed me what you had planned to sketch and paint. You are an excellent teacher and such a special person for sharing your talents. THANK YOU!!
    Take care.


  4. Great video as usual. Great tip about Wikimedia, never heard of it before now. Knew there was Wikipedia, but not “media”. Thanks!


  5. Great job. Sure makes sketching it easier I would think. I would be wondering where to start. Where is the link to download the picture. I think you said you would put it below if I heard right. Thanks.


  6. I love that you make it seem so easy, you’ve really helped me to relax and enjoy drawing and not stress out. What was the name of the crayons you used for the drawing. Thanks again.


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