How to Package and Display your Watercolors for Sale!

Hello Friends! After sharing my farmers market adventure with you last week I had many requests for a video demonstrating how to mat a watercolor, finish the back, price and display them for sale so in today’s video I am going to do just that. The secrets to my success are clear bags from Papermart.

Now this is not my first rodeo, I have tried other brands of clear bags (all more expensive) and Papermart bags are the best! I bought some art bags before from another company and they were all stuck together in the package and the bags ripped when I went to separate them. I have never had a problem with the Papermart bags AND they offer a 15% off discount on a clear bag order over $200 so if you want a few sizes it is a great chance to buy them all at once. Sometimes my crafty pals go in together on orders to save on shipping and get a discount so keep that in mind if you have your eyes on a lot of sizes. These polypropylene bags are also FDA approved food safe and come in sizes from 1″x7″ to 20″x24″. You are sure to find the size to fit your needs. I love that I can use the smaller bags to package my cards or candy at a craft fair. They come in packs of 500-1000 so you have plenty to share:)

Here are the other products I used in this tutorial:

  • Crescent Mat Board
  • Logan push style mat cutter #2000  and straight cutter #701 *both use #270 blades. The handheld cutters are around $15 each online. You can use a craft knife instead of the Logan straight cutter but it is nice if you have strength issues.
  • pencil and metal yard stick

Please refer to the video for advice on measuring and cutting mats. Check out Papermart for all of your art business needs, the clear bags not only display your art beautifully but also protects it from fingerprints and becoming shop-worn. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Great as always.


  2. Didn’t realize cutting mats was that easy. Lindsay you are such a good teacher. Hope you have a great week and take care.


  3. I see that Logan has a cool ruler where the cutter sits in the groove. Do you think that would be nice? or unnecessary?


    • I don’t know, I’ve never used it, I like my simple method but you can ask at a store that sells them if it is worth it vs the plain cutter against a straight edge


  4. Love your videos – and this one makes matting artwork look like something I can tackle! Thank you for the great info!


  5. This was great–but what do you use on the back of the larger paintings? I have been in a dilemma about this. Thanks


    • 16×20 is the largest I sell this way and I use 2 of the 11″x17 typing papers side by side or you could use drawing paper if you prefer, you can order it from an art supplier whatever size you wish:) Make sure it is acid free though:)


  6. Never thought I could do this, but this is very straight forward and easy to understand. As always – great ideas, thanks Lindsay!


  7. I have ordered some bags from Papermart and they are great.
    I am alone here and no one to share all my bags so I think I am going to have them for years LOL !
    Thanks for sharing !


  8. In your video at 1:50 min you show the pink flower watercolor card for an example of the bag. That is a beautiful simple design. Have you done a tutorial for that flower?

    Thanks, K


  9. glad you shared papermart link for the cell bags! I’ve been looking for these. Some questions for a arty-noob, what sites do you recommend for selling at? any print at home recommendations? thinking id like to make prints of my watercolors for greeting cards or small posters, however after much trial and error thus far, it appears I would need a different printer, and unsure what paper I’d want to go with…a card stock of some sort was my guess.


  10. Enjoying all the videos and tutorials you post, thanks as ever from a devoted fan.

    I have a follow up cello bag question. When buying the bags, should I buy the same size as the paintings? or would I want to go up in size?

    example I usually paint watercolors on 5.5 x 8.5 , and also on 9 x 12. using the larger size as an example, would I want to get 9 x 12 bags? or should I get 10 x 13? want to prevent ordering a case of the wrong size 🙂 and figure other art newbies may be curious on sizes to order too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would get the size that you plan on matting it to. I get 16″x20″ and 11″x14″ because those are my most popular sizes. If I need to bag a smaller size I fold the excess to the back and tape it. The actual bag size will fit a matted painting of that size.


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