Here Fishy-Fishy!

Edit: If you want to read the full story of my day at the fair scroll down to the end of the post!

Hello Friends! What a day! I took my kids to the fair today and we rode so many rides I am still dizzy (it is $12 for all you can ride rides and we have to get our money’s worth you know!) What I don’t like about the fair are the pushy game people and the crappy throw away prizes. What is it about those cheap prizes that make the kids go nuts? Then again I had a black satin Bon Jovi wall hanging and Poison mirror in my room as fair trophies for years as a teenager so I guess they come by it rightly. At lease they don’t still give away goldfish as prizes.


Speaking or goldfish, do you want to see how I painted this one? Watch the video!

And in case you missed the tutorial for the DIY metallic paint here it is again:

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am. Until next time happy crafting!

And now the rest of the story: I often schedule my posts to my blog so I won’t forget on busy summer days  (the 2 days I did not blog this month were busy “I forgot” days) so before I left the house this morning I scheduled this one. I took the kids to the fair, my sister, brother-in-law and mom all went too. Now I LOVE rides, especially the high daredevil rides. We begin on the Freak-Out! and the name did not disappoint, I loved it! We took a few turns on Pharaoh’s Fury and looked longingly at the Fireball (more on that ill-advised ride later) and a few rides I have forgotten all ready, add in a large bowl of french-fries, lemonade and soda and we have a recipe for disaster. There is a part of me that thinks “If my kids can handle these rides so can I” but I have to admit I can’t pile them on like I used to, especially the rides that spin or rotate. That is where we come to the tradgidy of my story. My little nephew wanted to go on the swings and I remeber liking them a lot in my youth and I did not think the mild rotation of the ride would bother me but after that I was not feeling so hot. I decided to save my strengnth so I could ride the fireball before I left. I stayed hydrated and walked around a bit until everyone was tired and ready to go and it was time for the last ride. “What do you think girls, wanna try the Fire Ball I said?” “Yes! wahoo!” they replied. The rest of my party decided that they would rather watch. The ride seats 2 side-by-side facing 2 other riders so usual a group of 4 will sit together. There were only 2 seats together left so I put my girls in them. I saw a vacant seat in another section and asked the family sitting there if I could join them, “Sure!” they said. As soon as I was buckled in I had second thoughts. As soon as the ride started moving I started to doubt my sanity. Halfway through the ride I was just hoping tho God that I would not throw up on the nice people who let me sit with them. Just after the halfway point of the ride the lady across fro me said “It’s almost done, hang in there.” I’m thinking “don’t puke on the nice lady, don’t puke on the nice lady” The ride stopped and I could not get out of there quickly enough. As soon as I saw my mom and sister waiting for the girls I bolted for the most discreet grassy area and proceeded to be reintroduced to my lunch. I was so sick. I came back and saw the family I was sitting with and the lady said “I knew you weren’t feeling good when you shut your eyes” I said “I’m just glad I didn’t vomit on you!” We shared a hearty laugh until I felt the urge to hit the closest garbage can for round 2. I have never thrown up in public in my life. I would have been so embarrassed except for the momentary sweet relief it provided. I’d love to say that was the end but alas I darkened 2 more garbage barrels before I was out of the fair. Moral of the story: Just because you CAN ride all the rids you want for one low price does not mean you should! Have a good night and again, happy crafting!