Let’s Paint Luscious Raspberries!

Hello friends! I am beside myself right now, I posted this video on YouTube yesterday and it already has over 4000 views! Cool! I am so glad people are painting! It is such a fun pastime and it can be really easy when you know a few tricks…like how I painted these raspberries, watch the video to see how:

I really like this lesson because you get to practice the technique on the paper before it counts. By working on a wet background the pencil-eraser stamped berries get blurry and look farther away, then after the paper is dry the berries you tapped on because crisp and in focus. I also like how painting with a pencil eraser gives you an automatic shade and highlight. I hope you take the techniques you learn in each of my tutorials and apply them to other things you want to paint. The x-acto knife highlights are great, I have used that technique many times. I realized watching the video back that you could use a push-pin to do the same thing and it would be safer too, A great option for kids who paint! I hope you liked this painting project and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. I enjoy all of your tutorials. Of course watercolor is my favorit. I tried this one. I think it came out great.


  2. YUMMY!


  3. I just tried my hand at this painting a few hours ago! It came out good — a little stiff because I was worried about following directions and getting it right, but that just means I’ll have to try it again sometime, a little more loosely.

    I always get excited when I see a new watercolor tutorial on your channel. You’ve been a wonderful teacher to me (and to so many others, I’m sure) through your videos. Thanks for taking the time to share your talent, your tips and tricks, and your positive personality.


  4. You asked what we would like see. I would like to see you doing paintings using acrylic, gouache, and acrylic gouache.


  5. […] Let’s Paint Luscious Raspberries! – 1 freebie(s)? […]


  6. WOW thank you.


  7. Hi Lindsay, I was wondering which is your favorite brand of watercolors? I have a cheap set from Walmart and I’m wanting to upgrade since watching your videos. I also need a larger palette…mine is very small. I see online palettes by themselves with no watercolors included and also expensive sets that would be both the palette I like plus the watercolors included. I guess what I’m asking is for a list of everything I would need to move to the next step. I am also frugal but I will purchase it if I really need it. If you have posted this info already please direct me there. Thanks as always and keep up the great work…it truly does inspire me to try new things.


    • https://thefrugalcrafter.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/learntopaintwithlindsay_basicsupplies.pdf I like the Pike palette best because it is a really think non-brittle plastic but I also have a Jones Palette and it is great too bt thinner, depends on how much you intend to bang it around I guess LOL! The Pike is in my wooden travel paint box, the Jones stays at home. There are a lot of good paint brands out there Windsor & Newton has the Cotman line witch is good reasonably prices student grade and their regular artist grade paint which is more vibrant, the price reflects the pigments used. I use M Graham, DaVinci, Yarka and others. There are a lot of great paints to choose from!


  8. I love you ! I want you as my next door neighbor! Could you share how you mount your clear plastic rubber stamps to the clear plastic blocks? Thanks for all you do


    • they should just cling to them, if not wash the blocks and stamps with dish soap and let them air dry and they will:)


  9. Love the raspberry tutorial. I look forward to all your lessons, hints & tips.


  10. Oh my goodness, I am so empathetic. I have been there…Love this little fish, what a beautiful Lady Fish! Can’t wait to try it out.


  11. Hi Lindsay,

    Hope all is well. I really enjoy learning from and watching your WC tutorials because you make painting obtainable, easy and a pleasure to do, so thank you kindly.

    I would like to try to sketch and WC paint a few things and wondered if you could do a tutorial or 2 or 3 for me: a lemon tree branch with blooms and lemons, a multicolored lantana flower (pink, orange and yellow) and a lavender lilac LOL 🙂

    Also, how do I get decent fur texture with WC? I tried it with acrylics with little success and had some success with Copics. Any tips would be appreciated!

    Take Care,


  12. Lindsay, I look forward everyday to see what you are doing for each day. You are so positive and upbeat. You bring a lot of joy and entertainment into my life. I’m sort of a new watercolorist and have tried most of your WC paintings….maybe all of them!!! Would you, please, paint a hummingbird in watercolor? Thank you so much.
    Sharon T


  13. Lindsey, I love your videos., and look forward to them every day. I am 70 and make oil and watercolor greeting cards for charity. You give us all such great ideas, tips and techniques.Thanks to you I have also discovered embossing. Your smiling face and positive attitude brighten my day. Thank you for sharing. Gerri


  14. Thank you Lindsey. You make me actually believe I can paint!


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