Let’s Paint a Pretty Peony!

Hello friends! Tonight I have an easy painting tutorial, I am using a 9″x12″ watercolor block for my painting but feel free to paint this on a greeting card. We will begin by sketching a peony flower on the paper with a pink watercolor pencil and then we will paint a wet into wet background and proceed with painting the flower. Give it a try! This video will show you how easy it is!

I thought this painting needed something else so I painted a Japanese beetle on it (collective groan from all the gardeners) and I will show you how in this quick video:

You know what, this painting is still sitting on my table because it still does not feel done to me. Any advice? What do you think it needs? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. A bud maybe? Flowers look great in threes and I did an acrylic with the flowers in similar positions and when I added a bud with it I felt like it had better flow.


  2. I had a delightful moment of memory seeing your japanese beetle. I grew up in Virginia and have tried to describe to my West Coast friends two things – fireflies and the incredibly beautiful iridescent japanese beetle! It seems you have to see these two to conceive their amazing magic and beauty. Thank you for the “aaahh” moment!


  3. Enjoyed this tutorial. Tried it and loved it. Keep on posting.


  4. I just saw someone else said a bud already, but that id what I was going to say too. The rules of 3 immediately popped in my head.


  5. I just love watching you work. It always looks so easy. I have tried and tried some of your techniques, but I think I just try to hard because they just don’t look like yours. I am not giving up….practice practice practice my grandma always said. 🙂 Keep bringing on the videos. Happy Saturday


  6. I love this show absolutely–just watching is relaxing. I have painted several of your lessons and have been delighted. “your *xxxx* are not precious was my favorite as that has been an obstacle. Would like “matting a watercolor” class–I don’t like my way of doing it.
    thanks, Marie


  7. Could you maybe try to do something for a teenager but also kinda vintage with lace and things like that it would be super helpful 🙂


  8. You make this look so easy!!! I need to try this!

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  9. Absolutely love your videos. As for the peony painting, I had a funny lady from one of the stamp companies give me this advice & I love it. If you think your painting (or whatever) needs something else, leave it alone. It’s probably just fine the way it is.


  10. Easy you say…..certainly beautiful!!! TFS


  11. This was amazing to watch. It was super helpful, and you are very entertaining to watch/listen to. Thank you so much for this!


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