How to Make a Jute Plant Hanger {Gettin’ my 70’s Groove On!}

Hi Friends! The other night my husband asked me if I could whip up a plant hanger for our thriving spider plant. We have a large bay window in our living room that is covered with happy plants (well, they are all happy except the orchid-the only plant I am responsible for- which lives in constant fear) and we have run out of room on the windowsill. I never learned the art of macrame and I am quite lazy so I decided to come up with a quick technique for making a plant hanger that only takes about 10 minutes. Watch the video to see how.

I used Jute Cord and Floral Wire from Papermart to make this. You will also need scissors, wire cutters and a yard stick.


  1. Begin by cutting three 6 foot pieces of brown cord and three 6 foot pieces of green cord. Bundle the cord lengths together and tie a knot in the middle so you end up with twelve 3 foot long ends. (*note, if you want a hanger with a tassel on the bottom cut the cords in half to 3 foot lengths and tie all of the cords together 3″ from the end in an overhand knot.)
  2. Divide the cored in groups of 3 and braid those strands together for 3″. Place your plant pot on top and divide the strands and knot between the braids. Repeat this technique until you have made a net around the pot.
  3. Gather the cords and divide in half and tie together over the pot.
  4. If desired wrap above the knot with floral wire.
  5. Now you can cut off the extra cording over the wire and if you have enough left tie 4 strands together with an overhand knot to make a hanging loop. If you do not have enough cord left for a loop simply trim it all neatly above the wire and add a string or ribbon under the main knot for hanging.

Then you can hang that plant with pride! Here is something else to feel good about, spider plants are excellent for cleaning the air, they even sent them up in the space shuttle to keep the air clean and fresh. If it’s good enough for NASA it’s good enough for me!


I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past, yet very useful, project and til next time happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. I tried this but it got a little confusing because I only had one color but I do plan to try again when I can get some different colors in the jute. What I did manage turned out pretty good. TFS.


  2. Now this is not only practical, but fun.


  3. Great tutorial! Love stuff like this!
    Will you ever do anything on how to make digital stamps? How do you clean up your line work so you get a great image etc. thanks Lindsay!


  4. WOUW this is really getting back to my youth today ha ha ha. I love it and just sat here and remembered, how I used to teach how to make these in the youthclub at our local school back in the mid 70´s ha ha ha, so this just put me on a trip down Memory Lane here, which was pretty cool, so thanks a lot for that ha ha ha. Fun to see how these old traditions pop up everywhere again now.
    Have a wonderful week-end now and loads of great fun


  5. It is a blast from the past, and I wish I had let my Mother teach me this art, but I was too busy with other things. I think I shall make a couple of these and put them about as a reminder of how much I miss my Mom. She was such a good gardener, and at 70+ years, her garden was even on a judged tour of gardens in Lubbock, Texas. I think they loved her retro approach, as she did many things a lot like her Mother. Thanks Lindsay – you always hit home runs in my heart of hearts. Much love!!! Midnightair


  6. Love the blast from the past! I did learn macramé back in the day and used to make snowflakes with waxed cording, beads, and a plastic washer. Of course, I made me fair share of plant hangers. What’s old is new again. Thank you!


  7. I made a couple of macrame things back in the day too, but if you never tried macrame then all I can say is…you sure have some mad ninja crafty skills to be able to figure out how to make your plant hanger!
    Now I want to go buy a spider plant just so I can make a hanger for it.


    • I don’t know about that but I definitely have some crafty LAZY ninja skills because I did not even attempt proper macrame LOL!


  8. Hi Lindsay, 🙂
    Excellent idea! The jute plant hanger is perfect for when you have a plant that is in a pot, but no hanger. You are such a wonderful person for sharing your amazing talents; THANK YOU!
    Take care.


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