How do YOU make time for creativity?

Hi friends! I think that creativity is like a muscle that needs to be worked to be effective. I think you need to use it or lose it and the more ideas you try to explore the more ideas you will continue to have! The only trouble is, in this fast-paced day-in-age, how do we make time for it?

Here are ways I stay creative everyday:

  • Keep a notebook/planner/sketchbook for jotting down ideas and notes. My infamous “request List” for viewer tutorials is written on a collection of note paper and clipped into my day planner, whenever I need an idea I can always have a gander there.
  • Partake of portable crafts. I keep a current yarn project in my bag at all times for waits at ball practice and doctor’s offices.
  • Keep watercolors in the glove box. In my car is my travel set of KOI watercolor with a waterbrush and a postcard watercolor pad. Perfect for painting on the go and I don’t even need to remember to bring it.
  • TV time multitask! Keep stamped images in an envelope with coloring media of your choice and color while watching TV.
  • You can keep a tray of beading supplies handy too, they even make covered bead boards that will keep your projects in place when you are not working on them.

What are your strategies for keeping fit creatively? Share what works for you! What are your struggles? Find reason TO create instead of excuses of why you can’t. Trust me, the dust bunnies will be there tomorrow and after you vacuum them there will be more next week where as something you create will stay done!  I’m not saying neglect your responsibilities but give yourself a creativity break once in a while(and I mean daily) and you will be more happy and energetic in the rest of your endeavors. That’s why I always say Happy Crafting!