I’m asking the question this week! Is Scrapbooking dead?

Hi friends! I decided that on Wednesdays in the summer during the Ask a Crafter hiatus I would ruminate on my own craft questions.  This week I wonder: Is Scrapbooking dead? What do you think?

I posted this video on YouTube the other day and I was overwhelmed by the response! I have decided that I would film a series of back to basic scrapbooking videos. I need your help, what topics would you like me to cover? Photo printing options, basic supplies, multi-page layouts? Let me know. I want to present scrapbooking as a sustainable inexpensive hobby that can be done as simply or elaborately as you like. If you have any scrapbook questions or problems that you would like addressed please let me know. I want to cover as many bases as I can without being overwhelming. Do you think I can do it? I hope so! Thanks for sharing your input and til next time happy crafting!