Birch Tree Paintin’

Howdy friends! I just taught my first free drop in watercolor class at the library to a new group of students. It went great. I hope they come back to class next month as all of their paintings were beautiful…I wish I had a camera and took photos to share, but alas I was a scatterbrain today. I originally was going to paint a 9″x12″ painting of birch trees with them like this:


But decided that a smaller greeting card size would be more appropriate for beginners and I am glad because the class ended up going 1/2 an hour over!  I wanted to make sure they finished a project and they were all beautiful! I actually taught them the masking tape technique I posted earlier (see the technique here) but tonight I want to share how I painted the birch trees from the beach with no masking. Have a look:

That’s it for me tonight, I spent the evening with friends and I am ready to drop. Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. Wonderful birch tree…..glad you made it friendly!!!


  2. How about using a broken seashell when you don’t have a cut up credit card with you at the beach?


  3. Like this one! Love Maine’s wildflowers! My favorite is the Tanya. Learned about many others when we visited Maine two years ago. The LUPINE is lovely, but Maine’s purists consider it an invasive plant. Imagine that!


  4. I just learned that if auto correct won’t allow a word, write it in all caps, like LUPINE, TANSY! This is good to know.


  5. Tried this one. Yours always looks better then mine. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wonderful work on this image.I’m trying to imagine what is around the bend. Total love your offer of free classes at the public library. I did this for years at my own library and had such a great experience. The library is a great place to introduce people to art. Wish I could stop by and “check it out!”


  7. Loved this tutorial. Thank you so much!


  8. I enjoy watching all of your techniques. Hugs


  9. Hi Lindsay, 🙂
    Lovely birch tree.
    As a first time watercolour painter, is it better to use a water brush, as you did in this video, or use a regular paintbrush?
    I tried painting a beach rose with a regular paintbrush and I was not happy with the results. Maybe it was because I am just a beginner. As I watched you paint the birch bark tree it seemed much easier to use the water brush.
    Thank you so much for all the watercolour painting joy you give!
    Enjoy the summer.
    Take care.


    • the waterbrush keeps feeding water to the paper, maybe you just need a wetter brush? I find a regular brush usually is easier but you might like a waterbrush:)


      • Hi Lindsay, 🙂
        Thank you for your reply and your help.
        I’ll keep using a regular brush and use more water.
        You are such a gifted artist and God bless you for sharing your talents.
        Take care.


  10. You are so talented Lindsey. Thank you for sharing this. I wish I could paint like that. I’m so juvenile in my attempts. I keep trying though…lol


  11. Brilliant and you make it seem so easy.


  12. Wow – so cooL!


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