Ask a Crafter Marathon {4th and final til fall}

Hello friends! Again it is another night I am grateful to have a video planned and in the can LOL! I went swimming at “my pond” with my girls late this afternoon. I am typically a soak in the sun until I am too hot, take a quick dip and back to the sun, type of girl but today I swam. We got home, had dinner and chilled out. One of my girls asked to read to me and as I listened I fell asleep! Swimming really does tire you out…well, me not my kids, they were all going strong until 5 minutes ago LOL! Anyway, it is Wednesday and time for part 4 of the Ask a Crafter marathon Kathy, Lorraine and I filmed earlier this month:

I was thinking what I was going to do on other Wednesdays this summer and I think I will do random crafty vlogs. I’ll chat about one topic and you can tell me your opinion too. It should be fun! I hope you are having a wonderful summer and til next time happy crafting!