Stinky Dragonflies? How to make cool cards with crayons!

Howdy friends! I was having way too much fun playing with crayons last week and I actually made something productive with my experimenting…These cards!

DCF 1.0

I will warn you, I was in rare form during last weeks videos, I was a bit sleep deprived which makes me silly. There, you have been warned. Here is the tutorial:

I used crayola regular crayons and crayola twistables. The regular crayons melted better but the twistables seemed to have more pigment in them. On the video I mentioned the Crayola sale at ACmoore, that was last week when I filmed it, sorry:( I hope this tutorial sparked some creative play and inspiration. Try it, it’s fun (just don’t burn your hands off using a coffee cup warmer!) Til next time happy crafting!


16 thoughts on “Stinky Dragonflies? How to make cool cards with crayons!

  1. I so loved this video!! it made me smile 🙂 commented on youtube about it looking like stained glass and maybe combining the faux stained glass tutorial you did with this somehow! would be so cool!!


  2. At age 61, I still get a thrill from a large box of crayolas with the sharpener in the box . . . heaven on earth. This project looks like so much fun. I’m off to the Salvation Army store to find a second hand mug warmer. Thanks for the fun!


  3. I do not have a mug warmer. Do you think the Ranger pan for melting UTee would work as well? Loved the effect.


  4. Question: Where would be the cheapest place to buy Koi watercolors?
    Also, I finally made my own gelli plate (using your recipe). I like it a lot. What’s the best paper to use while making prints? I’ve been using regular typing paper. It’s thin, and curls a bit, but seems to work just fine using it as designer paper for card making.


    1. I got mine with a 50% off coupon at ammoore for $15, amazon has it for $20 and blick has it for $21. For prints you can use any smoothe paper, cheap carstock from sams club works well as does typing paper, deli paper and others.


  5. What a fun technique! Will have to check out the thrift store for a cup warmer so I can give this a try!!! Thanks for sharing Lindsay!


  6. HAHAHAHA Stinky dragonfly! I think it is a beautiful dragonfly and butterfly! Thanks for sharing the technique. Love ya’


  7. I was cleaning out my email, and found when you posted this… I see why I saved it. Enjoyed viewing the 2nd time around even more. So many techniques… melting crayons, wax resist, watercolors, oh my!


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