Artsy Fun With Deli Paper!

Hi friends! Deli paper is not just for wrapping your sandwiches anymore, it is a versatile (and cheap!) substrate for printmaking, stamping and stenciling and since I purchased a box of 5000 sheets of the stuff ($16 with free shipping from Sam’s Club online) I will probably be overwhelming you with ways to use it! Tonight I am going to show you how to stamp and stencil on it to make a cool scrapbook page overlay.

OK, by now I’m sure several of you are freaking out at the thought of me using deli paper in my scrapbook, what with the questionable acidity of there paper. Well, I’m not too bothered, I have a PH testing pen somewhere in my stash and when I find it I will test it but I bet it is PH neutral, it is made with virgin paper and other food-safe products I tested with the pen came out PH neutral. Either way, it is a fun product to use and if all else fails I can use the rest to wrap my sammies! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Hey, Julie Fei Fan Balzer uses it all the time so I would think it would be safe in our journals???


  2. Never would have thought to use this kind of paper…looks cool! TFS Lindsay!


  3. I am thrilled you are using deli paper as a subject for tutorials. I bought some to use with my gelli print plate, but have so much extra. Loving these ideas – keep up the great tutorials Lindsay, we learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Happy Day!


  4. Hi Lindsay – have you tried running the deli paper through a printer?

    I enjoy your tutorials a lot. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love that background!! Thanks for sharing another awesome deli paper technique!


  6. Where do you find deli paper? Is it close to parchment paper. My freezer paper looks way to thick to do this with.. Thank you for your answer a head of time. 😉


    • I ordered it from Sam’s Club, it is used by bakeries and delis. It is also called dry waxed paper, it is used to line baskets for french fries and also wrap sandwiches in, it is the thickness of tissue paper with a light waxy coating.


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