Time to Paint the Daffodils {again!}

Hi Friends! Remember the old Dunkin Donuts commercial when Fred the Baker would say “Time to Make the Donuts” over and over again as he went back and forth to the shop? Today I feel like Fred the baker LOL! I have been getting up at 5:30 am to get my kids off to different summer camps (thank goodness for awesome carpool moms so I only have to drive once a day!) and by evening I am ready to drop. Hubby and I are planning on finishing a movie (Word War Z) that we started 2 night s ago, zombies and Brad Pitt, that should lull me to sleep (ha!) but before that I am going to make sure my coffee maker is all set up and ready to go in the morning because I am not as perky as Good ol’ Fred come 5:30. Before I do that I will share this tutorial I did  the other day by request of a Facebook friend who wanted to learn how to paint a sunlight daffodil flower against a dark background:

I want to thank Lisa for allowing me to paint her beautiful photograph (and she shared her versions on the facebook page and they looked great!)

Here are the colors I used in Cotman Watercolors by Windsor & Newton”

  • Payne’s Grey
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Sap Green
  • Yellow Ocher

I use a 1″ angular wash, #6 round and a #1 liner and I painted on a 140# cold press watercolor greeting card from Canson. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below, thanks for stopping by and til tomorrow “Time to make the donuts”….er, I mean Happy Crafting!


15 Responses

  1. you never cease to amaze me 🙂 !! beautiful


  2. Awesome !!!! Thanks !!

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  3. I enjoy all of your tutorials. Love the watercolors the best.


  4. This was so informational. I may try this myself. Thanks so much for all of your lessons


  5. Soooo real! Great job Lindsay!!!!


  6. Love your video! I learned a lot by watching your process. Thanks!


  7. That is absolutely stunning ! Thanks Lindsay!


  8. Just amazing, Lindsay! As I watched you painting, I was in awe! ♡


  9. Lindsey, I enjoy your videos very much and look forward to them each morning. I think you might enjoy Barbara Grey of Clarity Stamps from England. She too is very artistic and a good teacher.

    Hope to meet you at Marden’s one day. Thanks so much, JOLENE


  10. I really love this one. You know sometimes when I am watching you paint, I think, no that is so wrong, and then it dries and it looks beautiful and I am like never mind. She knows what she’s doing. Hahaha. As if I know anything about watercoloring. Snort. In my mind sometimes, the color is just so wrong until it dries and then it is wonderful. That’s probably why I suck at watercoloring. I hope that makes sense.


  11. Hi! I just discovered you a few days ago on YouTube and I’m sooo inspired now…I’m so glad I’ve found you! I was wondering what watercolor paints you recommend for outdoor nature painting? Middle of the road quality..”student grade” as I’m a rookie and will have to develop my craft :). (((((Thank you!)))))


    • I would get a Cotman travel kit, the 12 color half pan set is about 20 with a small travel brush OR the KOI travel kit that has 24 half pans with a larger water brush and larger palette, the KOI is $30 but ACmoore carries it and you can use a coupon!


  12. Thank you for another amazing tutorial.


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