A quick card for a Dude.

Hi Friends, I find cards for men hard to make. Here is one I made for my husband for Father’s Day:


I just got the stamp set from Local King Rubber Stamps at the stamp show because I knew it would be great for quick guy cards.  Watch the video to see how I made it:

Tips for masculine cards:

  1. Keep a clean simple design.
  2. Take color cues from nature (ocean blue, bark brown, moss green etc.)
  3. Use natural textures like this jute rope.
  4. Don’t stress about it, I know a card doesn’t feel done until it has lace, buttons and ribbon but think about who you are making the card for. Some guys will appreciate lots of textures and details but most are happy with a clean and simple look.

I hope this did not sound sexist, i know many ladies that love a clean and simple card with earth tones and I know many men love the bling. I just want to give you an easy option for a quick non-frilly card. Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “A quick card for a Dude.

  1. Nice card. Please don’t edit your boo boo’s, we all mess up at times. Hope you had a nice weekend.


  2. Great! We always need man cave cards. . . Hope hubby does not surf YouTube for your posts and spoil this great card surprise. And please don’t edit the mistakes – it makes us butterfingered crafters feel right at home. You Rock Lindsay. . . midnightair


  3. A truly awesome and beautiful card for males, that´s for sure, and you actually just gave me another idea now for one too, so thanks a lot for that Lindsey.


  4. Hi Lindsay,
    Love the great card!
    Thank you for the fantastic craft ideas and painting with watercolours that you have shared with people over the years. I came across your blog within the last three months and I am so addicted to it and look forward to your videos each day. Please do not worry about making mistakes as we all do that at times. Your videos are great!
    Thank you for helping me to make small gifts for a group of 20 Seniors who I meet with each week.
    You are a very gifted and wonderful lady. THANK YOU for sharing your talent!
    Wishing you and your family a fabulous summer.


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