Ask a Crafter 40 {part 2}

Hello Friends! It’s Wednesday! Here are the wacky antics of me Kathy and Lorraine in part 2 of the Ask a Crafter marathon. All the other episodes are up on my YouTube channel but I’ll be posting each part on its own over the next two Wednesdays. Enjoy!

That was fun! I hope you are enjoying your summer! We are planning a beach day tomorrow, let’s hope the weather holds out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


5 Responses

  1. I have the answer to the problem of die cutting machines not cutting and embossing well in the middle…the ‘CROSSOVER’ by Cheery Lynn Designs. It is just out on the market and the rollers are solid metal, unlike most other machines, so it will emboss and cut evenly. I also have a Big Shot and love it too, but just tried to cut a Tattered Lace Crane die using very thin cork and it tore it – while the Crossover cut six with no problem. It is a hand crank machine and takes all the large or small dies on the market…comes with a platform, and one cutting plate, as well as a metal plate for intricate dies. You shim by turning a wheel on top of the machine to increase or decrease the pressure….works like a charm. Retail is $250. plus $25. for shipping of each machine. Truly the best investment I have made! I also have an e-Bosser which also cuts the larger dies and embosses the large embossing folders. It is electric…I found that it is a guessing game to figure out how many shims to use, etc. Do NOT have that problem with the CrossOver…you just feel the pressure and know if it is difficult to go thru the machine, you turn the pressure down, and if it goes thru too easily, you increase the pressure. Actually easier to use than my beloved Big Shot! Hope this helps someone.
    Paper Hugs,


  2. FYI… I own the eBosser and love it. I have not had issues with bad pressure at all. In fact, this thing cuts like a boss! The eBosser was available on HSN, but the embossing folders are now available at multiple online merchants including Walmart. Once Teresa Collins got involved with them, they came out with a dozen or so new and trendy embossing folders. Craftwell has a guide on their website for the correct sandwiches for different manufacturers’ dies & folders so that might help Jan (above). My only complaint about it is that the electronic ‘eye” that is supposed to be able to tell if your sandwich is too think and reject it has not always worked. I had to borrow my hubby’s rubber mallet and tap the plates to get them back out. Has only happened twice in a year and I use it weekly… it also hasn’t happened since I found that guide I mentioned. Coincidence?!? 😉 I love being able to emboss many elements at once or a whole sheet for scrapbooking. I have not heard of the Crossover, but I like the idea of being able to dial up and down the pressure manually!!!


  3. Hi Lindsay,
    I can’t find “Part 1” of your Ask a Crafter 40 on your blog but I wanted to comment on the Sno-Tex… I bought a container of it for our wedding (we had a winter theme and were going to do mini snow globes with scenes inside that were representative of our relationship… I was going to paint the Sno-Tex on the outside of the snow globes.) We ended up running out of time so didn’t use the globes. Anyway, that’s one idea.
    The second idea for how to use Sno-Tex would be to use it like you would modeling paste with a stencil. I have pictures of how I used it in a journal page that I can send you or post if I could figure out how…I’m not sure what the long-term effect of Sno-Tex on paper will be but it still looks good six months later…
    Thanks so much for your blog and YouTube videos. My one year-old and I watch every day!


  4. Hello is anyone getting the same prob as me on the cheery Lynn crossover
    I cut a simple square spellbinders die heart edge with no cutting in the centre…no luck what ever I tried did not work
    I always had one side not cut
    I tried increasing the pressure but that only made it difficult to release the die from the clear plate!? Still only part cut!? I could only get a cut when I moved it to the edge of the plate like on other machines so no point having this one as I cando that on any machine!
    Help ….hz


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