YOU can paint these wildflowers! {yes, you!}

Hi Friends! Today is the first day of summer vacations for the kids. After we took the dog for a walk I decided to paint some of the wildflowers we saw. You can follow along with any watercolors (even the children’s water paints will work!) and watercolor paper:

I hope you enjoyed this simple watercolor painting tutorial of daisies, buttercups and clover. I think it is important to take a little time to create everyday. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


17 Responses

  1. Is it sick when last night I had a dream that I purchased a #13 princeton acrylic handle grush?


  2. Uh, oh. Sorry “brush”


  3. Great tutorial! Love watching you paint.


    • I enjoy all your tutorials. I have done just about ever water color painting since I found your site a couple months ago. You are a great teacher.


  4. Beautiful! I’m not afraid of my watercolors anymore LOL! I try to paint along and my paintings show some resemblance to your finished projects šŸ™‚ so glad you showed that daisy…I wondered how to paint a white flower without white paint. I need to go try this one now.


  5. You are so inspiring and talented! I am so happy to have found your blog and tutorials.


  6. Great tutorial! Thx!


  7. I sooooo enjoy watching you draw and watercolor Lindsay!!!! Love what you did with your wildflower painting! Will certainly pay attention when out and about with an eye to crafting and not just enjoying the beauty!


  8. Thank you for such a great tutorial!! Beautiful card!


  9. I didn’t see a place to ask this, I saw a contest, and one of the rules is to use branded cards, what does this mean? Can I just use their paper? Or is that different even if it’s the same weight and size? Thanks in advance Lindsay!


  10. AWESOME tutorial…You really really make it look SO easy!!!!


  11. I can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for the lesson…you make it seems so easy!!


  12. As usual, you’ve nailed it! Bravo.

    The little star on the blumes are called calix and in the Latin it means chalice. First used in 1698, it was more like saucer – probably British. Singular calix – plural Calices. The Calyx is a medical term. I know TMI!!

    I think your walk with the children is so sweet. It’s an easy way to build into their lives and vice versa. I get so tickled when I hear them tumbling around upstairs, and then I listen a little more carefully and wonder who’s bouncing off the walls and doors at my house – it’s only me, the red heeler, and my hubby. Then I have an ‘ah ha’ moment. You are indeed so much fun to watch and listen to. . .

    Thank you Lindsay for all you do.

    FYI, regarding clean house time: we always had house keepers to come and clean on Thurs., and both boys knew they had to pick up and put up. Never mind that we did closet clean up every 4 months, and weekly under the beds – that’s where the boys kept their ‘science’ projects aka snack plates. Always interesting. . . Their bathroom was named the ‘funny farm’ with appropriate folk art.

    Ah, raising one oh so highly intelligent boy and one just highly intelligent but oh so artsy pfartsy.


  13. Thank you for another wonderful video, you make it all look so easy and achievable.


  14. You are such an easy relaxed tutor, taking away any uncertainty and encouraging everyone to have. Go.


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