We’re all stories in the end…

Hi Friends! My favorite line from any episode of Doctor Who is “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”

DCF 1.0

I had that quote swirling around in my head after reading (OK listening to the audio book, what can I say, I love to be read to:) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It is a hauntingly beautiful and very sad story that has been made into a movie. If you read it you will need tissues, I hear the movie is the same, I plan to see it.  It got me thinking to the things we leave behind, our art, scrapbooks and journals and how nice it is when we include out own handwriting. I am really self conscious about my handwriting, it has never been pretty but I must admit watching this video back I was really annoyed at how much I was complaining about it. Sorry about that.  Oh and I was convinced that I needed the word “are” on the page after I wrote “were” like a werewolf not we-are so I wrote “are” and realized what I was missing was a darn apostrophe LOL! Hence the strategically placed washi tape! One of theses days I’ll be able to talk and write at the same time while shooting a video (don’t hold your breath though.) Enough rambling, here is the video!

The wonderful supplies I used were donated by Oriental Trading Company. I used:

I hope you use your handwriting in your journals, card and scrapbooks because it creates a link from us to the viewer that becomes more special as time passes. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. lol, we all have those days 🙂 page turned out lovely though, and loved you showing all the new goodies!


  2. Hi. I stumbled across one of your videos accidentally on You Tube, watched it, liked it, and subscribed. I used to order supllies from Oriental Trading Co. about 20 years ago when I worked with kids. Then their prices hiked up to an unreasonable extent imho, and I moved on to new frugal sources for supplies. I am pleased to learn that they are now a good source for art and scrapbooking supplies at a reasonable cost. Thanks!


    • yes they are, I find when they introduce something new they test the waters a bit to see if there is interest and when there is they go whole hog with lots of supplies at low prices and check the sale rack, great buys, I’ve go big sets of stamps for a couple bucks!


  3. Cool looking page Lindsay!!! TFS!


  4. So sweet and a delightful video Lindsay. Makes me wanna drive over to Paris for the weekend! Horsti will probably not go – so I’ll just drive off into the Alps with him instead. You are sooo on point with handwriting on journals and cards – and your’s is so artsy! You always do a beautiful job. Now hush about you own handwriting. Midnightair.


  5. This is a fun journaling page…and you are spot on about writing…I love it when I find anything written by my gramma or mom…they are gone but, their handwriting is here! Keep teaching us. I look forward to listening to you and learning!!!


  6. Great journaling page …you are so right about handwriting – my mom had a very nice Parisian handwriting which I find in her recipes – dad had a very flourish handwriting unfortunately he didn’t write very much…I am trying to make it a point to update a Me book about my grand-children – only problem is that they can’t read writing!!!! only printing!! can’t believe they don’t teach kids writing as we know it only printing – mind you at least it’s legible!!LOL!!
    great stuff as usual !!


    • thanks, luckily my children just squeaked by as the last kids to learn cursive (they had older teachers) in out schools as it is not taught anymore and get this, spelling is not taught either! They are making our kids dependent on computers! It is maddening, cursive bridges art and reading, I think it makes connections in our brains:)


      • OMG! That would explain why so many blogs (not yours!) have so many spelling errors – besides not checking their work – hmmmmm! maybe that’s why my oldest grand (13) doesn’t spell very well – oddly enough the 9 year old won the spelling bee – oddly enough it was in French (bilingual school!) the youngest is 5 and mixes up both English and French when she spells (big problem among the anglos in Quebec) LOL!! It really too bad they won’t be able to read the language in future generations!


  7. Luv this page, Thanks for sharing how stencils can make a page great.


  8. Love this and how much fun you have with all your demos. Now if I might be so bold (an English major) to mention the “were” at the beginning of the page needs an apostrophe mark between the e and the re. “we’re. 🙂


  9. Hi Lindsay, Can you tell me which Oriental Trading co catalog has the mixed media supplies you use? I ordered the craft catalog that they told me they were in, but it’s all the children’s craft kits and such. I’m looking for those mini mister bottles and the journal you are using in your art journal videos. Any help appreciated! Thank you!


    • ask for the catalog with art supplies and scrapbooking. They have more inventory online than in the cataloges I think:)


  10. Thank you!


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