Take me out the the ballgame!

Hi friends! Need a quick card for a baseball lover? Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make one!

I used a snow globe stamp from TooMuchFun Rubberstamps and turned it into a baseball. You can customize the colors on the baseball cap insignia to match your recipients favorite team. It is quick and easy and you could even put a pocket in there to hold tickets! I demoed my new envelope punch board I received from Oriental Trading at the end of the video, what do you think? It is pretty easy;) I hope this inspired you to look at your stamps in a new way! Happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “Take me out the the ballgame!

  1. I watched your ship in a bottle card and loved it. Local King Rubber is selling a pack of 24 markers for $20. They say they’re great with their stamps. I’m new and need a marker set. Is this a good one? Are they water based? The site doesn’t say.

    Thank you. Love all your YouTube vids. I’m a loyal watcher.



    1. I saw them demoed and they look really good, very juicy and you can’t beat the price, I kinda wish I picked up a set for my on-the-go bag.


  2. Now THAT was simple and just precious for the young baseball fan. Great card Lindsay! Thanks. . . Midnightair


  3. Really cute card Lindsay. I also love my envelope punch board for various size envelopes, works great and quick.


  4. Love the card!! Great idea and yes, my grands love tags rather than cards – I was quite surprised and pleased to see that they hung them on their wall! The older one who just turned 13 was so excited to get a new one with his birthday present…or maybe it was the gift card that the tag was holding!! Anyhow their rooms are decorated with them. My other grandson who will be 8 soon made his father a tag for Father’s day in the shape of a tie out of a pic of the two of them. He made it at after school daycare and said it was his idea! I am wearing out on him!! Can’t believe little league is ending already….come to think of it the same grandson already started football…hockey can’t be far! LOL! anyhow I love your card…guess what tag he will be getting for his b’day…most likely Alouettes! Your ideas are great and I enjoy watching your videos on my laptop, while sitting on my swing. Hopefully the nice weather will continue! Have a great summer!


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